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You can also view this list, sorted by the destination

info     go/y - YouTube

info     go/yolo

info     go/ya

info     go/yoloswag - Brandi Fullwood has not approved this go slash

info     go/yaaa

info     go/yomiuri - Links to the Yomiuri Rekishikan / Yomiuri Shimbun Historical Archive

info     go/YAAAAS

info     go/yomomma

info     go/YAAAS - YAAAS

info     go/yosemite - Apple OS 10.10 "Yosemite" notes

info     go/yaf

info     go/you

info     go/YAFfb - The Middlebury YAF Chapter's Facebook Page

info     go/you+

info     go/yahoopipes - Yahoo Pipes

info     go/YouAndI

info     go/yak

info     go/youbie

info     go/yam - The Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking (YAM)

info     go/youcancallmeal - Professor Abbott's webpage

info     go/YAMwaiver - Waiver to participate in certain YAM events, such as Nerf Battles. Must be completed in order to participate

info     go/youcanplay - Shortcut to the You Can Play video on the Athletics section of the website.

info     go/yandell

info     go/youdontgetit

info     go/yanderson - LS to update information

info     go/youmadbro

info     go/yanfeng

info     go/youngalumnihappyhours

info     go/yanfengjin

info     go/youngfashion

info     go/yang - Yang headquarters for the 2020 election

info     go/youpower - Online sign ups for YouPower -- Spinning classes on campus!

info     go/yard

info     go/youpowerblog - YouPower Blog

info     go/yardsale - Everything you need to know about the Yard Sale event April 27th from 1-4pm! The event will take place between Pearsons and Coltrane, all are encouraged to come donate or sell clothes or any other items. Hosted by the Sustainability Solutions Lab.

info     go/youpowersignup - You Power sign up

info     go/yaydresses - Self-submit dress entry form for Share to Wear

info     go/yourfarmstand - Middlebury Farm Stand

info     go/yayhooray

info     go/yourfriendsarecreative - Blackbird's website: Middlebury's online arts platform

info     go/yaysayer - Yeasayer Concert Promo

info     go/yourmom

info     go/ye

info     go/yourownway

info     go/yeager

info     go/yousillygoose

info     go/yearbook - Internet Archive search for yearbooks, sorted by date

info     go/youth - 2nd Annual Student Global Affairs Conference--Apathy and Action: Exploring Youth-Driven Movements

info     go/yearbooks - Internet Archive search for yearbooks, sorted by date

info     go/youthfulallianceformerriment - The Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking (YAM)

info     go/yeasay - Yeasayer Concert Promo

info     go/youthfulallianceformerrymaking - The Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking (YAM)

info     go/yeasayer - Yeasayer Concert Promo

info     go/youthfulallianceofmerriment - The Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking (YAM)

info     go/yeasayers - Yeasayer Concert Promo

info     go/youthfulallianceofmerrymaking - The Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking (YAM)

info     go/yeehaw

info     go/youthmentorsummit - Middlebury's Youth and Mentoring Summit

info     go/yeet

info     go/youtube

info     go/yellowdot - YellowDot is not a real thing.

info     go/youwont - Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate Frisbee Conference Championships 2013

info     go/yespapa - MDC FALL '18 AUDITIONS

info     go/yp2020 - YouPower instructor training spring 2020

info     go/yfb

info     go/YPschedule

info     go/yg

info     go/yt - Youtube homepage

info     go/yim

info     go/ytwt - youtube video visualization

info     go/yinianji

info     go/yuchen

info     go/yjin

info     go/yuleball

info     go/yle - Gregory Goyle

info     go/yuleball2017

info     go/YMS

info     go/yum - Great dining experiences

info     go/ymseval

info     go/yummy

info     go/ynj

info     go/yummy-yummy

info     go/yodel

info     go/yumyum

info     go/yoga

info     go/yunan

alert     go/yogi - In accordance with the transition from Novell to DFS, go/files ---> go/yogi, or go/middfiles

info     go/yup

info     go/yolo