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info     go/c - Center for Careers and Internships

info     go/closetapp24

info     go/c3 - C3 Consortium (Creating Connections Consortium)

info     go/closetgeneralposition - Closet General Position Application

info     go/c311

info     go/closetleadership - Closet Magazine Leadership Application

info     go/c4l - go C4L!!!

info     go/closetmag - Closet Magazine's official Website!

info     go/c7

info     go/closetopencall

info     go/ca - 2014-15 job description for Community Assistants at Middlebury College

info     go/closetopencall3

info     go/cabaret

info     go/closing

info     go/cabaretspring21

info     go/closingactivity

info     go/cabinet

info     go/closser18

info     go/cabinfever

info     go/clothes - Survey on professional wear

info     go/cac - Climate Action Coordinator position

info     go/cloud - Cloud Services Migration Status

info     go/cacalendar19

info     go/cloud-feedback - Feedback on OneDrive/Google Drive cloud storage.

info     go/cacheckins - Check In Link for CA team

info     go/cloud?feedback - Feedback on OneDrive/Google Drive cloud storage.

info     go/cachedmode - Outlook 365: How to Turn Off Cached Mode for Shared Folders

info     go/cloud?homedirs

info     go/cacommunitylogs - Community logs for the CA team

info     go/cloud?personal - Comparison of options for personal file storage.

info     go/CACP

info     go/cloudfeedback - Feedback on OneDrive/Google Drive cloud storage.

info     go/cade

info     go/CloudIsOP

info     go/cadeandevan

info     go/cloudmac - Transferring files from Middfiles to the cloud Mac users

info     go/caf - Climate Action Fellowship Application

info     go/cloudoverview - Cloud Services Overview & Resources

info     go/cafapply - Climate Action Fellowship Application

info     go/cloudpersonal - Comparison of options for personal file storage.

info     go/cafe - Dining Services - Retail Operations

info     go/Cloudpic - Cloud Environment Diagram & Usage Tips

info     go/cafeconleche

info     go/cloudstoragebasecamp

info     go/cafefrancais

info     go/cloudwin - Transferring home directory from Middfiles to the cloud for Windows users

info     go/cafegallery

info     go/cloudy - Cloud Environment Diagram & Usage Tips

info     go/cafemaddy - A go link to the go fund me to fund cab rides for AAPI individuals.

info     go/cloudysound

info     go/cafemusica

info     go/clover - A link to the state-wide public library catalog/ILL system. Mostly for use by staff, but any student who stumbles upon this could potentially search the catalog to locate items in Ilsley and other local libraries. (The would not have the credentials to log in, so could not actually make accidental requests.)

info     go/cafloodupdates

info     go/clr24 - 2024 Civic Leadership Retreat RSVP

info     go/cahier

info     go/clta

info     go/cai - Cai loves the bread

info     go/club - The official website for the "Variety is the Spice of Life" Club at Middlebury.

info     go/cain

info     go/clubs

info     go/cainoise

info     go/clubsports - Middlebury's Club Sports

info     go/caitlindicara

info     go/clubswim

info     go/caius

info     go/clubtennis

info     go/caj - Library Database - China Academic Journals

info     go/clubvball - 2023.5 club volleyball interest form

info     go/CAJULI - CA Juli 23-24 calendly

info     go/clubvolleyball - 2023.5 club volleyball interest form

info     go/cake - Track Team's Otter Creek Bakery cake fundraiser

info     go/clustalw

info     go/cakeybacon - GIVE ME SOME OF IT.

info     go/clustermanagerhandbook - The Cluster Manager Handbook serves as a resource for current cluster managers.

info     go/cal - Middlebury College Calendars

info     go/clusters

info     go/cal?academic - Middlebury College Calendars - Academic Calendar

alert     go/Clutter

info     go/cal?events - Middlebury College Calendars - Events at Middlebury

info     go/clvn

info     go/calamari

info     go/clynch

info     go/calc - Calculus tutoring session login

info     go/cm.openletter

info     go/calc3

info     go/cm2 - Catherine Miller's website

info     go/calcdropin

info     go/cme - Christians in the Modern Middle East course page

info     go/calctut28

info     go/CMletters

info     go/calctutors - Calculus Tutor logins

info     go/cmlt - Comparative Literature Program

info     go/calendar - Middlebury College Calendars

info     go/cmpoll - The Poll Curve, 2020 edition

info     go/calendar?academic - Middlebury College Calendars - Academic Calendar

info     go/cmrs - Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies website

info     go/calendar?events - Middlebury College Calendars - Events at Middlebury

info     go/CMS-casals

info     go/calendarpost - Use this link to go to the Event Management "Event Calendar Posting Request" Form.

info     go/CMS-Schubert

info     go/calendarr

info     go/cmsu - CMSU - CMS Docs

info     go/calendars - Middlebury College Calendars

info     go/cnki - Library Database - China Academic Journals

info     go/calendars?academic - Middlebury College Calendars - Academic Calendar

info     go/cnn - CNN

info     go/calendars?events - Middlebury College Calendars - Events at Middlebury

info     go/cnorris

info     go/calendartips - Outlook Calendar Best Practices

info     go/cns - Center for Nonproliferation Studies

info     go/calendarupdate - form to submit calendar posting

info     go/cns-internships

info     go/calender

info     go/cnsbookclub

info     go/calendrier - French School Events Calendar

info     go/cnszoom

info     go/calico

info     go/co - comindwork project management for solar decathlon

info     go/california

info     go/co-op - The Co-Op!

info     go/californiaprograms

info     go/CO2footprint

info     go/call - Enter your zipcode to find contact information for your members of Congress

info     go/coachella

info     go/callanan

info     go/coachreport

info     go/callananletter

info     go/coachricky

info     go/callflorida - GOTV in Florida for Biden-Harris 2020!

info     go/coachsurvey - Athletic Department Survey

info     go/callist

info     go/coalitionpetition - A petition by the Coalition for Racial and Economic Justice, Spring 2014

info     go/callme - 785-424-3913 +1 end

info     go/coas-web-survey

info     go/callmemaybe

info     go/coas-websurvey

info     go/callmyrep - Enter your zipcode to find contact information for your members of Congress

info     go/coast2coast

info     go/calltoaction

info     go/coastandclimate - Middlebury California Coast and Climate Semester

info     go/callyourrep - Enter your zipcode to find contact information for your members of Congress

info     go/coasweb-survey

info     go/calming

info     go/coaswebsurvey

info     go/calpost - Post to the Events Calendar

info     go/coates

info     go/calves - An homage to the one true masterpiece of the world.

info     go/coatesfinke

info     go/cambodia - Cambodia info

info     go/cobbhillkennel

info     go/cambodian

info     go/cobblehillkennel

info     go/Cambridge

info     go/cobblehillkennelgrandopening

info     go/camelup - Shiny web app that implements the game Camel Up

info     go/cobbtwister

info     go/camera - How to connect the Cannon camcorder to the Mac

info     go/cockpitboi - Yaaahheaahhayah

info     go/cameras

info     go/cocktheplay - For the upcoming production of "Cock" by Mike Bartlett

info     go/cameron

info     go/coco - Follow me, b!

info     go/cameroncc

info     go/cocoa+collab

info     go/cameroon - Middlebury School in Cameroon

info     go/cocoabuns

info     go/cami

info     go/cocoanuts

info     go/camiel - got u

info     go/cocomelon

info     go/camille

info     go/coconut - Coconut Milk Survey (Fall '16)

info     go/camilo

info     go/cocoon - Cocoon, a live storytelling event inspired by The Moth

info     go/campaign - For Every Future: The Campaign for Middlebury

info     go/cocoon-stream

info     go/campaignfinance

info     go/cocoon2020 - Video recording of the Cocoon event on October 10th, 2020.

info     go/campaignfor10 - The AAUP breaks down why we deserve a cost of living increase plus a 2% raise!

info     go/cocoon23

info     go/Campaigninfo - link to the Case for Support Campaign in SharePoint

info     go/COD - (JMA) Student Financial Services COD - Common Origination and Disbursements

info     go/campaignlogin

info     go/code

info     go/campaignlogon

info     go/codebook - Middlebury GHGI Codebook

info     go/campaignsignon

info     go/codecraft

info     go/campaignwork

info     go/CODED - (JMA) Student Financial Services COD - Common Origination and Disbursements

info     go/campbell

info     go/codegolf - Code Golf!

info     go/campcanvas - shortcut to the DLINQ Camp Design Online Canvas site

info     go/codeofconduct - 2012 Code of Conduct for Prospective Students

info     go/campus - The Campus

info     go/coed

info     go/campus+map - Campus Maps - Gateway

info     go/coedsupply

info     go/campus+tour

info     go/coffboba

info     go/campus+tours

info     go/coffee

info     go/campus-boundary

info     go/coffhalloween

info     go/campus-boundary-map

info     go/cofforangeboba

info     go/campus-trick-or-treat - Campus Trick-or-Treat Locations Friday, October 27, 2023 @ 2:30-4:30 PM

info     go/CoffSouthPumpkins - For Reslife Programming participant sign up for Coffrin South- October 2021

info     go/Campus_Security_Report_Form

info     go/cofit

info     go/campus_subscribe - Subscribe to The Campus Newspaper here

info     go/cogswell

info     go/campus_subscription - Buy a subscription to The Campus Newspaper using this link

info     go/cohen

info     go/campusbound - map of campus boundary for fall 2020

info     go/cohennotcone

info     go/campusboundary

info     go/colander - Professor David Colander's website

info     go/campusboundarymap

info     go/colby

info     go/campuscardcenter

info     go/coldcoughfluselfcare

info     go/campuschallenge - Sign up for the Outdoor Nation campus challenge

info     go/coldselfcare

info     go/campuscurrent - The Middlebury Campus' continuously updated newsblog: The Campus Current.

info     go/coldwar - cold war culture First Year Seminar class

info     go/campusdelivery - Link for Campus Subscription

info     go/cole - Graphics and Branding for Campus Events

info     go/campusdoc

info     go/coleeaston - Calc II Bremser

info     go/campusemail - A shortcut for The Middlebury Campus email log in.

info     go/colesiefer - 3 cows.

info     go/campusfellowship - You can use this link to apply for The Campus journalism fellowship

info     go/colin - Arctic Tern

info     go/CampusInterest

info     go/colincrawford

info     go/campuslife - Middlebury College Campus Life

info     go/ColinCrewPics - Colin's Linktree, with links to all the photos he has taken for the crew team

info     go/campusmap - Campus Maps - Gateway

info     go/collab22 - Collaborative Video for Winter 2022

info     go/campusmap?aerial - Campus Maps - Aerial Photos (pdf)

info     go/collaborate - Middlebury study groups site

info     go/campusmap?earth - Campus Maps - Google Earth KML File

info     go/collaboration - Online collaboration form for student-initiated event planning.

info     go/campusmap?faq - Campus Maps - Google Earth FAQ

info     go/colldev

info     go/campusmap?google - Campus Maps - Google Maps Version

info     go/colldevpolicies

info     go/campusmap?pdf - Campus Maps - PDF Version

info     go/colldevpolicy

info     go/campusmap?text - Campus Maps - Text/Accessible Version

info     go/collectiondevelopment

info     go/campusmarket - Campus Classified.

info     go/collections - Highlights of the permanent collections of the Middlebury College Museum of Art

info     go/CampusMedia

info     go/collective+club - the DLC is all grown up! Our Collective has finally become a Club.

info     go/campusmkt - Campus Classified.

info     go/colleen - Drive folder for photos and videos for Colleen's Retirement.

info     go/campusstatus - Current status of campus building access during COVID.

info     go/colleengair

info     go/campusstorage - Middlebury Campus Storage

info     go/college - Get ready...

info     go/campustip

info     go/college+scholar

info     go/campustips - Submit a news tip to the Middlebury Campus.

info     go/collegeadvancement

info     go/campustreemap - Middlebury College Tree Map

info     go/collegearchives - College archives arrangement

info     go/campustrickortreat - Campus Trick-or-Treat Locations Friday, October 27, 2023 @ 2:30-4:30 PM

info     go/collegebowl

info     go/campusuploads

info     go/collegechoir - Resource site for College Choir members.

info     go/campusvoice - The Campus Voice

info     go/collegecitizensawards

info     go/campuswell

info     go/collegecommunitychorus - Website of the College Community Chorus

info     go/campuswelladvocate

info     go/collegecounselingworkshop - shortcut for the College Counseling Workshop site and registration put on each year by the Admissions Office

info     go/campuswellfamily

info     go/collegefarm - Middlebury College Organic Farm

info     go/campuswellparent

info     go/collegefellow

info     go/campuswellsignup

info     go/collegehousing

info     go/campuswire - Shortcut to campus wire

info     go/collegeloan - Go link to the Middlebury College Institutional Loan page on SFS

info     go/can

info     go/collegepoliciestraining

info     go/canada

info     go/collegerepublicans - Middlebury College Republicans

info     go/candice - Palana Zoom info 2021F

info     go/collegestore - Middlebury's College Store

info     go/candrews-office - office hours for Christopher Andrews

info     go/collegiate - The Middlebury College fashion and style magazine.

info     go/candy

info     go/collegiatelink - The dark, the evil, the required: Collegiate Link

info     go/candyass

info     go/collegium - Ensemble webpage.

info     go/candydrivethru

info     go/collier

info     go/candygram - Form for Sophomore Committee's candygram event.

info     go/collpolicy

info     go/cane

info     go/colonialism - Concerning Violence: Nine Scenes from the Anti-Imperialist Self Defense

info     go/caner

info     go/color - Color Health Sign-in Link

info     go/canerecipes

info     go/colorhowto

info     go/canesociety - Gift Planning page dedicated to ways to join the Cane Society

info     go/colornotes - Color Health - internal notes

info     go/canesocietylunch2024 - Registration for 2024 Cane Society Appreciation Luncheon

info     go/COLORRUN - Link to register for ~5K Color Run on May 9th, funded by The Activities Board Social Committee, Hindu Student Association and Youthful Alliance for Merrymaking

info     go/canevid

info     go/colors - Pre-register for our 2016 Color Run here!

info     go/canigotoafterhours

info     go/colorthatfilter - Green Dot Geofilter contest

info     go/canlendarr - google calendar

info     go/colorwithgd - Green Dot stressbuster coloring pages

info     go/cann

info     go/coltranelounge - Classroom Documentation

info     go/cannabis-ed

info     go/column

info     go/cannabisandyou

info     go/com15 - Link to Spanish course website for summer 2015

info     go/cannabisatmidd

info     go/comarch

info     go/cannabisawarenessweek - cannabis awareness week

info     go/comeon

info     go/cannabised

info     go/comeonbrowpleasecometomythesis

info     go/cannabiseducation

info     go/comethru - Palana Recruitment Sign-Up Spring 21

info     go/cannabisoncampus

info     go/comic

info     go/cannoli

info     go/comics - Go Comics

info     go/canoeing - Middlebury Mountain Club canoeing trip October 9-10 2015.

info     go/comicsbyemily - A link to Emily Cox '17 's website, containing not only comics from the Middlebury Campus, but also her personal work.

info     go/canonxa10 - User Manual for the Canon XA10 video camera

info     go/comida

info     go/canopy

info     go/comind - SD

info     go/canva - -Design tool: Canva

info     go/comindwork - comindwork - used for Solar Decathalon

info     go/canvas

info     go/comm

info     go/canvas-lib-instruct - Public link to the Canvas course for library instruction.

info     go/commandment - I'd really rather you didn't.

info     go/canvas-library-instruction - Public link to the Canvas course for library instruction.

info     go/commandments - I'd really rather you didn't.

info     go/canvas_help

info     go/commcareers

info     go/canvas_info

info     go/commcouncil - Community Council

info     go/canvas_information

info     go/commencement2024 - Commencement info for 2024

info     go/canvas_quickstart

info     go/commencement23 - a link to the commencement website for class of 2023

info     go/canvascanvas - A Canvas course on how to use Canvas.

info     go/commencement?admin - Commencement Admin

info     go/canvasexport

alert     go/commencement?housing

info     go/canvashelp

info     go/commencementaccessibility

info     go/canvasinfo

info     go/commencementannouncements

info     go/canvasinformation

info     go/commencementcontact

info     go/canvaslti - Request form for Canvas LTI review process

info     go/commencementfaq

info     go/canvasquickstart

info     go/commencementmaps

info     go/canvasquizinfo

info     go/commenporch - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/Canvass

info     go/commenstaff - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/CanvasStudentQuickguide

info     go/commenstudentstaff - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/canvastemplate - Middlebury College/Institute Template for new Canvas sites

info     go/comment - Information about the notice and comment period for the changes to Title IX policy

info     go/canvs - For those with bad spelling

info     go/commie

info     go/caos-web-survey

info     go/committees - List of faculty/staff committees

info     go/caos-websurvey

info     go/commodores

info     go/caosweb-survey

info     go/common+data+set - Common Data Sets

info     go/caoswebsurvey

info     go/commons - Middlebury College Commons

info     go/cap - COVID-9 archiving

info     go/commons?atwater - Atwater Commons

info     go/CAPfunding - application for the Climate Action Program Student fund.

info     go/commons?brainerd - Brainerd Commons

info     go/capitalism

info     go/commons?cook - Cook Commons

info     go/capitoljobs

info     go/commons?fallhousing - The Commons - Fall Housing

info     go/capitolworks - Exclusive programming for Middlebury students interning on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

info     go/commons?housing - Commons - Housing

info     go/capo - Capoeira groupme link

info     go/commons?ross - Ross Commons

info     go/capoeira - Middlebury College Capoeira Club Groupme

info     go/commons?winterhousing - The Commons - Winter Housing

info     go/capoeirapromo - Capoeira Club promo vid 2013

info     go/commons?wonnacott - Wonnacott Commons

info     go/capp

info     go/commonscouncil - Information about Commons Council with links to all the individual Commons' pages

info     go/cappa - Link to the Cappa Cafe Wordpress

info     go/commonsdean - Deans play a crucial role in supporting with student academic and personal goals.

info     go/cappcollection

info     go/commonsdeans - Deans play a crucial role in supporting with student academic and personal goals.

info     go/caprogram - Program Evaluation for CA team events

info     go/CommonsPlan - 1998 Enhanced Residential Plan

info     go/capstone - Capstone email Old Chapel archiving policy

info     go/commonspoints

info     go/capstoneform - SLG Capstone pre-flight checklist for Special Collections

info     go/CommonsReview - Commons Review updates and feedback form.

info     go/captainguide - The Middlebury College Captain Guide 2020: Brought to you by the SGA Athletic Affairs Committee - Thank you for all your feedback from team interviews. The purpose of the guide is to offer all accessible resources to Middlebury College Athletic Captains in order to foster a culture of teams full of healthy minds and bodies.

info     go/commplan

info     go/capybara

info     go/commscalendar

info     go/carbon

info     go/commstaff - Communications Dept. Staff

info     go/carbonneutral2 - Middlebury Microgrids!

info     go/communalhat2015

info     go/carbonprice

info     go/communications - College Communications

info     go/carbontax

info     go/communism - marxist online archive, read and learn

info     go/carceralstate - Transcript to Gensler 2015 Video on YourTube. Gensler Symposium 2015 - Punishing Bodies: Feminist Responses to the Carceral State

info     go/community - judicial page

info     go/cardaccessupgrade - Public Safety's page for information on the 2019 card access upgrade

info     go/communityassistant - 2014-15 job description for Community Assistants at Middlebury College

info     go/cardcenter

info     go/communitychorus - College Community Chorus (music department ensemble)

info     go/care - Public facing CARE report

info     go/communityconversation - President's community conversation

info     go/career+services - Career Services

info     go/communityconvos

info     go/careeraction2012

info     go/communityconvoselfcare

info     go/careercalls

info     go/communitycouncil

info     go/CareerCommunities - Shortcut to CCI's Explore Careers page.

info     go/communitycounselors - A list of private practitioners who have expressed interest in working with Middlebury College Students.

info     go/CareerDev - CCI's National Career Development Month resources.

info     go/communitycreate

info     go/CareerNetworking - Shortcut to the CCI Networking Guide.

info     go/communitydindin - BSU & Alianza's Annual Community Dinner

info     go/careerpath - Link to the CCI Explore Careers page.

info     go/communitydinner - RSVP site for SGA Community Dinner on Sexual and Relationship Respect, 1/28/16.

info     go/CareerPaths - Link to the CCI Explore Careers page.

info     go/communityengagement

info     go/careers - Career Services

info     go/communityfriends - in the Community Friends program Middlebury College students are matched as mentors with Addison County children. Pairs usually get together once a week for a few hours. Sometimes Middlebury students bring their friends onto campus to a hockey game or for dinner in the dining hall.

info     go/careerservices - Career Services

info     go/communityfriends_ledger

info     go/CareerToolkit - Link to the CCI Build a Toolkit web page.

info     go/communityfriends_mileage

info     go/carepackage - Track Team's care package program

info     go/communityfriends_service

info     go/carereport - Public facing CARE report

info     go/communityfriendshunt - this go link takes you a form to RSVP for the community friends x student friends of the art museum 2024 museum scavenger hunt on April 11

info     go/carescal

info     go/communitymeals - Sign up here for community meals!

info     go/careservoirapp

info     go/communitypartnerpanels

info     go/carillon - Carillon subpage on Scott Center Mead Chapel page

info     go/CommunityPartners

info     go/carlisle - Fly like a G6

info     go/communityresources - Chamber Resource Guide

info     go/carlson

info     go/communityscience - A resource to find and submit community science projects!

info     go/carlysmokey4eva

info     go/communitystandards - Community Standards and General Policies section of the handbook

info     go/carnegie - Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowhship

info     go/communitysupport

info     go/carnegieclassification

info     go/communitytable

info     go/carnegiecommunityengagement

info     go/communitytherapists - A list of private practitioners who have expressed interest in working with Middlebury College Students.

info     go/carni

info     go/communityvideo - Video about the Middlebury community

info     go/carnival

info     go/comp - Compensation pages

info     go/carnival2014

info     go/companeros

info     go/carnival2015 - Winter Carnival 2015!

info     go/compas

info     go/carnival2018

info     go/Compass - Compass homepage

info     go/carojahrl

info     go/compassclasslunch

info     go/caroline

info     go/compassconnectionquestions

info     go/carolinefor2014

info     go/compassion - Divest Middlebury

info     go/carolinehedberg

info     go/compassmentor - Apply to become a Compass Mentor!

info     go/carolineshaw

info     go/compassmentormeeting

info     go/carots

info     go/compassvideo

info     go/carpanion

info     go/compastr

info     go/carpool - CS312 Project

info     go/compastutor23

info     go/carpoolaction - carpool to saturday action

info     go/complain - A running document to report facilities problems to the Sustainability Interns to evaluate where energy loss is occurring.

info     go/carpooling

info     go/complaint - Want to tell the school what we can do better? Here is your chance.

info     go/carrel - Library Carrels and Lockers page

info     go/completeaidprocess - Completing the Process - first year estimated awards to final. KJ

info     go/carrel53 - Sign-up sheet for a thesis carrel.

info     go/completecare - Information about Dell's accidental damage "CompleteCare" computer coverage option

info     go/carrels - Library Carrels and Lockers page

info     go/completepledge

info     go/carrot

info     go/complex

info     go/carrots

info     go/complicity - A google form to collect responses of ways we are complicit in campus sexual assault.

info     go/cart

info     go/complicityproject - A website created by SGA SRR to encourage the Middlebury community to think more deeply about all of our complicity in campus sexual assault.

info     go/carter - Office Site

info     go/complicitywkshp

info     go/cartography - course calendar cartography geography 271 spring 2024

info     go/complit - Comparative Literature Major

info     go/cartoon

info     go/complitguide

info     go/cartoons

info     go/compost - Middlebury Recycling - Compost

info     go/carty - Cartographic Design YouTube Channel

info     go/compscijobs - Summer 2019 Computer Science internships with paid housing

info     go/cas - Middlebury College Central Authentication Service

info     go/compscinage - Digital Signage in CS dept, left monitor

info     go/cascadia

info     go/compscinage2 - Digital Signage in CS dept, right monitor

info     go/case

info     go/compsurvey

info     go/cash - Cash Management and Accounting

info     go/comptroller - Controller's Office

info     go/cashier - Cashier's Office

info     go/computation

info     go/casics

info     go/computerizedsociety

info     go/casID - Find your molecule by cas number. NOTE: click on "species with same structure" for alternate names.

info     go/computerlabs - Public computer labs

info     go/casino - 50 Days Senior Celebration RSVP - April 10th, 2021

info     go/computermodels - Recommended Computer Models for upgrades and new fac/staff.

info     go/castaff

alert     go/computerpurchase

info     go/Castalian-2022

alert     go/computers

info     go/castcal

info     go/Computerupgrades - Computer upgrade guidelines.

info     go/castillogirl

info     go/computing - LIS Policies

info     go/castiron - How to clean the cast iron skillets in Weybridge House! Made for Summer 2023.

info     go/computingpolicy - Handbook policy on responsible use of computing and network service

info     go/CAsubmit

info     go/compvis

info     go/cat - Kitties + Songs = YAY!

info     go/comsister

info     go/CAT24/

info     go/comtrade - The UN Comtrade database, covering multinational trade of goods and services.

info     go/catalina - macOS Catalina information page

info     go/conbio

info     go/catalog - Course Catalogs

info     go/concentration - This is a link for an appointment sign up sheet for a neuroscience study

info     go/catalog-help - Help documentation for the Course Catalog application and its Schedule Planner tool.

info     go/concern

info     go/catalog1213

info     go/Concerned - Concerned Students of Middlebury Website

info     go/catalog?aas - Catalog - African American Studies

info     go/concertcalendar - Calendar of concerts at Middlebury

info     go/catalog?amst - Catalog - American Studies

info     go/concerto

info     go/catalog?arabic - Catalog - Arabic

info     go/concertrideshare - Welcome to the WRMC Concert Rideshare. Getting to concerts in and around the Champlain Valley should be easier and more environmentally conscious, and WRMC is here to help.

info     go/catalog?art - Catalog - Art

info     go/concertscalendar - Calendar of concerts at Middlebury

info     go/catalog?as - Catalog - African Studies

info     go/conchas

info     go/catalog?biology - Catalog - Biology

info     go/concretetesting - Concrete testing supplies. Slump cones, platforms, air meters, etc. Great resource for those who wish to build an interstate highway on campus.

info     go/catalog?chem_bio - Catalog - Chemistry and Biology

info     go/concussion - Parton Center for Health & Wellness Concussion symptom list

info     go/catalog?chinese - Catalog - Chinese

info     go/concussionemailtemplate - Email template for concussed students to send to their professors

info     go/catalog?classical - Catalog - Classical Studies Program

info     go/conduct - conducting class 2018

info     go/catalog?classics - Catalog - Classics

info     go/conductform

info     go/catalog?cs - Computer Science

info     go/conducting - Login for the Moodle page for MUSC 0234 (Conducting).

info     go/catalog?current - Course Catalog - Current Year

info     go/conducting22 - Canvas for MUSC 0243 Conducting SP22

info     go/catalog?economics - Catalog - Economics

info     go/coneData

info     go/catalog?enam - Catalogs - English and American Literatures

info     go/conf

info     go/catalog?envs - Catalog - Environmental Studies

info     go/confesh

info     go/catalog?fmc - Catalog - Film and Media Culture

info     go/confess - Confess your sins

info     go/catalog?french - Catalog - French

info     go/confessional

info     go/catalog?geography - Catalog - Geography

info     go/conflict

info     go/catalog?geology - Catalog - Geology

info     go/conflictstudies

info     go/catalog?german - Catalog - German

info     go/conflicttransformation - Homepage for the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation

info     go/catalog?grad - Catalog - Graduate Programs

info     go/confluence

info     go/catalog?haa - Catalog - History of Art & Architecture

info     go/confluence-csns - ITS internal documentation for CSNS.

info     go/catalog?help - Help documentation for the Course Catalog application and its Schedule Planner tool.

info     go/confluence-sr - SR page in Confluence.

info     go/catalog?history - Catalog - History

info     go/confluence?csns - ITS internal documentation for CSNS.

info     go/catalog?humanities - Catalog - Humanities Division

info     go/confluence?sr - SR page in Confluence.

info     go/catalog?inde - Catalog - Independent Scholar Program

info     go/confluence?wtas

info     go/catalog?interdept - Catalog - Interdepartmental Courses

info     go/ConfusionTracker

info     go/catalog?interdis - Catalog - Interdisciplinary Programs

info     go/congis - Conservation GIS Course Page

info     go/catalog?ipe

info     go/congregations

info     go/catalog?is

info     go/connect - The Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR) Student Academic Support

info     go/catalog?italian - Catalog - Italian

alert     go/connect2printer-Mac

info     go/catalog?japanese - Catalog - Japanese

alert     go/connect2printer-Win

info     go/catalog?jewish - Course Catalogs - Jewish Studies

info     go/connectconsole - link to the Middlebury IoT instructions

info     go/catalog?link_fys - Catalog - First-Year Seminars

info     go/connections - NYT Connections

info     go/catalog?lit_program - Catalog - Literature Program

info     go/connectiontalks - Connection Talks designed to build community among Remote Learners

info     go/catalog?lit_studies - Catalog - Literary Studies

info     go/connectthedots

info     go/catalog?math - Catalog - Mathematics

info     go/connectwhileaway

info     go/catalog?mbb - Catalog - Molecular Biology and Biolchemistry

info     go/conner

info     go/catalog?music - Catalog - Music

info     go/connersga

info     go/catalog?neuro - Catalog - Neuroscience

info     go/connexion - OCLC Connexion web

info     go/catalog?philosophy - Catalog - Philosophy

info     go/connor - This is connor

info     go/catalog?physed - Catalog - Physical Education and Athletics

info     go/connoryoung - Chadwick

info     go/catalog?physics - Catalog - Physics

info     go/conor

info     go/catalog?portuguese - Catalog - Portuguese

info     go/conorsimons - The website for Conor's Sophomore Senator Candidacy. Vote Simons on May 1-2--leadership, passion, and a jolt of energy to SGA.

info     go/catalog?psci - Catalog - Political Science

info     go/conqueringdisease - A link to the schedule for the Conquering Disease Spring Symposium (April 5th-8th), hosted by For The Kids with Relay for Life and Resilience Project.

info     go/catalog?psychology - Catalog - Psychology

info     go/consent - Permission form for consent to record an event

info     go/catalog?religion - Catalog - Religion

info     go/consentfest2021

info     go/catalog?russian - Catalog - Russian

info     go/consentfirst

info     go/catalog?sas - Catalogs - South Asian Studies

info     go/consentproject

info     go/catalog?socan - Catalog - Sociology / Anthropology

info     go/consenttips - A list of tips and resources on consent

info     go/catalog?spanish - Catalog - Spanish

info     go/consequence

info     go/catalog?theatre_dance - Catalog - Theatre & Dance

info     go/conservation - Geography 352 - Conservation Planning - Spring 2024

info     go/catalog?wags - Catalog - Women's and Gender Studies

info     go/conservative

info     go/catalogs - Course Catalogs

info     go/conservatives

info     go/catalogs?aas - Catalog - African American Studies

info     go/conserveenergy - Tips on how to conserve energy

info     go/catalogs?amst - Catalog - American Studies

info     go/consortium - Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium information

info     go/catalogs?arabic - Catalog - Arabic

info     go/construct

info     go/catalogs?art - Catalog - Art

info     go/consultations-blog - Library News Blog: Your Questions About Library Consultations, Answered

info     go/catalogs?as - Catalog - African Studies

info     go/consulting - CSO's consulting resources page

info     go/catalogs?biology - Catalog - Biology

info     go/consultingcareers

info     go/catalogs?chem_bio - Catalog - Chemistry and Biology

info     go/contact

info     go/catalogs?chinese - Catalog - Chinese

info     go/contactce

info     go/catalogs?classical - Catalog - Classical Studies Program

info     go/contactemma

info     go/catalogs?classics - Catalog - Classics

info     go/contactinfo

info     go/catalogs?cs - Computer Science

info     go/contacttracing

info     go/catalogs?current - Course Catalog - Current Year

alert     go/contdm

info     go/catalogs?economics - Catalog - Economics

info     go/contemplativepractice

info     go/catalogs?enam - Catalogs - English and American Literatures

info     go/contemporaryteaching - CTLR Annual Winter Contemporary Teaching Series

info     go/catalogs?envs - Catalog - Environmental Studies

info     go/content

info     go/catalogs?fmc - Catalog - Film and Media Culture

info     go/content-assign - Content assignment for library redesign

info     go/catalogs?french - Catalog - French

info     go/content-guide-lib

info     go/catalogs?geography - Catalog - Geography

info     go/content7

info     go/catalogs?geology - Catalog - Geology

info     go/content7web

info     go/catalogs?german - Catalog - German

info     go/contentassign - Content assignment for library redesign

info     go/catalogs?grad - Catalog - Graduate Programs

info     go/contentguidelib

info     go/catalogs?haa - Catalog - History of Art & Architecture

info     go/contest

info     go/catalogs?history - Catalog - History

info     go/continuityplanner

info     go/catalogs?humanities - Catalog - Humanities Division

info     go/contraceptives

info     go/catalogs?inde - Catalog - Independent Scholar Program

info     go/contract - Contract Management

info     go/catalogs?interdept - Catalog - Interdepartmental Courses

info     go/contracting - Contract Management

info     go/catalogs?interdis - Catalog - Interdisciplinary Programs

info     go/contracting?checklist - Middlebury Contracting Checklist

info     go/catalogs?ipe

info     go/contracting?pcardpolicy - PCARD Policy

info     go/catalogs?is

info     go/contracting?policy - Middlebury Contracting Policy

info     go/catalogs?italian - Catalog - Italian

info     go/contracting?procurementpolicy - Middlebury Procurement Policy

info     go/catalogs?japanese - Catalog - Japanese

info     go/contracting?teepolicy - Travel, Entertainment, and Expense Policy and Procedures

info     go/catalogs?jewish - Course Catalogs - Jewish Studies

info     go/contractingpolicy - Middlebury College Contract Policy

info     go/catalogs?link_fys - Catalog - First-Year Seminars

info     go/contractor - mbh contractor safety training

info     go/catalogs?lit_program - Catalog - Literature Program

info     go/contractors - mbh contractor safety training

info     go/catalogs?lit_studies - Catalog - Literary Studies

info     go/contractpolicy - Middlebury College Contract Policy

info     go/catalogs?math - Catalog - Mathematics

info     go/contracts - Contract Management

info     go/catalogs?mbb - Catalog - Molecular Biology and Biolchemistry

info     go/contribute - Use this go link to access the sign-up form for writing on TWIMC.

info     go/catalogs?music - Catalog - Music

info     go/controller - Controller's Office

info     go/catalogs?neuro - Catalog - Neuroscience

info     go/controllersofficepolicies - Link to Policies and Procedures on Controllers site:

info     go/catalogs?philosophy - Catalog - Philosophy

info     go/controllerspolicies - Link to Policies and Procedures on Controllers site:

info     go/catalogs?physed - Catalog - Physical Education and Athletics

info     go/conversationatthecrossroads - Conversation at the Crossroads: The Intimacy of Right Relations - A virtual talk with Dr. Carolyn Finney and Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) about race, the environment, intimacy, and right relations.

info     go/catalogs?physics - Catalog - Physics

info     go/conversations - eMIISsaries signature event KAZU radio

info     go/catalogs?portuguese - Catalog - Portuguese

info     go/conversations2017 - 2017 Great Conversations information and registration site on imodules

info     go/catalogs?psci - Catalog - Political Science

info     go/convert - SensusAccess, convert files to audio and other formats

info     go/catalogs?psychology - Catalog - Psychology

info     go/converter - youtube to mp3 converters

info     go/catalogs?religion - Catalog - Religion

info     go/converttoaudio - SensusAccess, convert files to audio and other formats

info     go/catalogs?russian - Catalog - Russian

info     go/convo

info     go/catalogs?sas - Catalogs - South Asian Studies

info     go/convocation

info     go/catalogs?socan - Catalog - Sociology / Anthropology

info     go/cook - Cook Commons

info     go/catalogs?spanish - Catalog - Spanish

info     go/cook1 - classroom instructions

info     go/catalogs?theatre_dance - Catalog - Theatre & Dance

info     go/cook2 - classroom instructions

info     go/catalogs?wags - Catalog - Women's and Gender Studies

info     go/cook4strangers

info     go/cataltoids

info     go/cookbook - EatReal's Dining Hall Cookbook!

info     go/catalyst-lessons - Lessons with the Catalyst Quartet

info     go/cookcandidates

info     go/Catamount - Feedback form for The Catamount Student Bar

info     go/cookcommonshouse - The Cook Commons faculty heads' house.

alert     go/catart

info     go/cookcommonssenator

info     go/catboard

info     go/cookdolci - Application to prep cook and serve for dolci

info     go/catcc - (jma) Internal CA-TCC for Advancement staff to take telephone donations.

info     go/cookelections

info     go/catclay24

info     go/cookie

info     go/catcommittee

info     go/cookiedelivery - On Friday Jan. 29th and Saturday Jan. 30th (9pm-1am), we will be taking orders and delivering freshly baked chocolate chip cookies right to your dorm room! 6 freshly baked cookies = $3. Please fill out the google doc link: http://goo.gl/forms/7iEvctRndv to place your order ASAP!

info     go/catcrepes

info     go/cookies

info     go/catech

info     go/cooking - Fill out this form to join Food Club !

info     go/catechsupport

info     go/cookingevent - 2024 MSA Iftaar Cooking Event!

info     go/CATelection

info     go/cookreslife

info     go/Catelections

info     go/cool - Ben Orbison's Twitter

info     go/cater - Catering Options

info     go/coolbeane

info     go/catering - Catering Services

info     go/coolerbattell

info     go/catering?bagbreakfast - Catering - Bag Breakfast Form

info     go/coolio - nick

info     go/catering?bagfourth - Catering - 4th Meal Form

info     go/coolshitinhd

info     go/catering?baglunch - Catering - Bag Lunch Form

info     go/coolstuff

info     go/catering?bagsnack - Catering - Bag Snack Form

info     go/coop - The Co-Op!

info     go/catering?coffee - Catering - Coffee Supply Form

info     go/cooper

info     go/cateringoptions - Alternative catering options

info     go/cooper13 - Pianist Imogen Cooper performs on the Performing Arts Series October 10, 2013

info     go/catertrax

info     go/coordinatorapp - CF Coordinator Application!

info     go/catfallpaint

info     go/cop

info     go/catfelting - Middcat felting event sign up!

info     go/copps

info     go/cathands

info     go/copsnrobbers - Middlebury Swing Club Spring Performance 2015. Lindy Cops and Swingin' Robbers. Produced by Jeremy Vandenberg and Brennan Delattre

info     go/catharsis

info     go/copsoffcampus - Link to the Middlebury Cops Off Campus petition

info     go/Catherine - :)

info     go/copy - copying instructions for public copiers

info     go/Cathy - :)

info     go/copyright

info     go/catie - Catie's favorite video

info     go/copyright-fair-use - Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines from the Middlebury College Website.

info     go/catjewelry - Creating Art Together Jewelry Workshop

info     go/copyright-fu - Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines from the Middlebury College Website.

info     go/catknitting - Creating Art Together Knitting workshop with Hope Jerris '25

info     go/copyright-tools - Useful ALA page with links to various copyright calculators

info     go/catlady - cat lady

info     go/copyrightfairuse - Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines from the Middlebury College Website.

info     go/catlaser

info     go/copyrighttools - Useful ALA page with links to various copyright calculators

info     go/Catlego2

info     go/coral

info     go/catlegos

info     go/coralbleaching

info     go/catmakerspace

info     go/cordery

info     go/catnip

info     go/cordeyNutted

info     go/Catpeach

info     go/cordle

info     go/CATplant

info     go/cordner - emily cordner: captain optimism.

info     go/catrc - Start page for the CATRC Exam. This is the site for the Middlebury College Chinese School Computer Adaptive Test for Reading Chinese (CATRC). You will need to have the Shockwave plugin installed on your computer.

info     go/cordyNutted

info     go/cats

info     go/core - Common Core State Standards Initiative

info     go/CATshowcase

info     go/corecompetencies - CCI's Core Professional Competencies list

info     go/catstory

info     go/coreex - This is a link to the sports medicine squat screen google drive where you can access core specific strengthening exercises.

info     go/cattiedye

info     go/coreyNutted

info     go/catworkshop

info     go/coreytest - test

info     go/caveman - The Chem 1003 class website

info     go/corgi

info     go/cavs - The world needs to remember

info     go/corn

info     go/cavsvnetsbarclays - Registration - Midd Alum Appreciation Event: Cavs v. Nets game at Barclays

info     go/corndog

info     go/CAW - cannabis awareness week

info     go/corona - 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

info     go/cayus

info     go/coronamenu

info     go/caz

info     go/coronavirus - 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

info     go/cbe - go.middlebury.edu/cbe as shortcut to center for blue economy website

info     go/coronavirussurvey

info     go/cbrt - Community Bias Response Team Policy

info     go/corq

info     go/cc - Community Council

info     go/corsetsandsuits

info     go/cc-contact

info     go/cosmicoasis

info     go/CC2023 - Application to join Community Council 2023

info     go/costarica

info     go/cc23 - Co-Chair of Community Council Interest Form Spring 2023

info     go/CostaRica20 - Link to donate to MAlt Costa Rica 2020

info     go/ccal?intramurals - CCAL - Club Sports

info     go/costumes

info     go/ccalblog

info     go/costumeshop - Middlebury College Costume Shop

info     go/ccapp

info     go/cottage

info     go/Ccapp21

info     go/coughselfcare

info     go/ccapp22 - application for student members of community council for 2022-2023

info     go/counseling

info     go/ccc - Cameron Cup Commission

info     go/counselinggroup

info     go/ccce - Center for Community Engagement's Cross-Cultural Community Engagement grants.

info     go/counselinggroups

info     go/cccform

info     go/counselingresources

info     go/ccconnard

info     go/counselingstaff

info     go/CCCovidFeedback

info     go/counselingsupportline

info     go/CCCovidQDirectory

info     go/counsellinggroups

info     go/cccpoints

info     go/count

info     go/cccrew - Call Center Processes and Procedures

info     go/counterpoint

info     go/cccsinfo - Come learn more about the Cross-Cultural Community Service Grant!

info     go/counting

info     go/CCDebate

info     go/countout

info     go/ccdebate23

info     go/countryquiz - procrastination at its finest.

info     go/cce - Community Engagement website

info     go/coup

info     go/cceathletics - List of volunteer opportunities available to athletics teams.

info     go/cour

info     go/cceblog - Community Engagement Blog

info     go/course

info     go/CCEccl

info     go/course+and+exam+schedule

info     go/cceclc

info     go/course+catalog - Course Catalogs

info     go/ccedrivingform

info     go/course+hub - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/ccefaculty

info     go/course+schedule

info     go/CCEfair

info     go/course+schedules

info     go/ccefindmyplace

info     go/course+websites - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/ccefunding

info     go/coursecat

info     go/cceinsta

info     go/coursecat2011

info     go/CCElections

info     go/coursecatalog - Middlebury College course catalog

info     go/CCEminigrants

info     go/coursedesc

info     go/ccenews

info     go/courseevals - The new course evaluations system

info     go/ccenewslettersubmission

info     go/coursehub - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/ccenewslettersubmit

info     go/coursehubfeedback

info     go/ccentry

info     go/courseplanner - Schedule Planner

info     go/cceofficehour - Interested in learning about the CCE? Want to ask a quick question? Drop by our informal office hour session!

info     go/coursera

info     go/cceorientationevents

info     go/coursereg - Automated course registration client for Middlebury Bannerweb system.

info     go/cceorientationrsvps

info     go/courseregistration - Automated course registration client for Middlebury Bannerweb system.

info     go/ccephototracker

info     go/courseresponse

info     go/cceporch - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/coursereview - The new Middlebury course reviews site.

info     go/CCEreflection - zoom link for event 10.10.20

info     go/courses - Course & Exam Schedules

info     go/ccesocial - The place to submit information you'd like posted on CCE's social media, blog, website, and more!

info     go/courses?201028 - MIIS Spring 2010 Course Schedule

info     go/ccestaff - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/courses?201068 - MIIS Summer 2010 Course Schedule

info     go/ccestudentorgs - Link to Community Engagement's page of the 17 Student Organizations and Continuing Initiatives that we advise

info     go/courses?201098 - MIIS Fall 2010 Course Schedule

info     go/ccesubmit

info     go/courses?201128 - MIIS Spring 2011 Course Schedule

info     go/ccesubscribe

info     go/courses?201168 - MIIS Summer 2011 Course Schedule

info     go/ccesummerintern

info     go/courses?201198 - MIIS Fall 2011 Course Schedule

info     go/ccesurvey2020

info     go/courses?201228 - MIIS Spring 2012 Course Schedule

info     go/ccetripsintern

info     go/courses?201268 - MIIS Summer 2012 Course Schedule

info     go/ccevista

info     go/courses?201298 - MIIS Fall 2012 Course Schedule

info     go/cceweeklyupdates - View and subscribe to the Center for Community Engagement's Weekly Updates Newsletter

info     go/courses?201328 - MIIS Spring 2013 Course Schedule

info     go/CCEWTW - Center for Community Engagement Winter Term Workshop

info     go/courses?201368 - MIIS Summer 2013 Course Schedule

info     go/CCEWTW22

info     go/courses?201398 - MIIS Fall 2013 Course Schedule

info     go/cceyouthandoutreachcoordinator

info     go/courses?201428 - MIIS Spring 2014 Course Schedule

info     go/ccg - Career Services blog for Careers in the Common Good

info     go/courses?201468 - MIIS Summer 2014 Course Schedule

info     go/ccgblog - Career Service's Careers in the Common Good blog. Supporting Middlebury Students and Alumni Pursuing Careers in Social Responsibility

info     go/courses?201498 - MIIS Fall 2014 Course Schedule

info     go/cch - The Cook Commons faculty heads' house.

info     go/courses?201528 - MIIS Spring 2015 Course Schedule

info     go/cchn

info     go/courses?201568 - MIIS Summer 2015 Course Schedule

info     go/cchr

info     go/courses?201598 - MIIS Fall 2015 Course Schedule

info     go/cchyphen

info     go/courses?201628 - MIIS Spring 2016 Course Schedule

info     go/cci - Center for Careers and Internships

info     go/courses?201668 - MIIS Summer 2016 Course Schedule

info     go/cciadvising - Link to CCI staff page, anchored to the career advising section.

info     go/courses?201698 - MIIS Fall 2016 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIAdvisors - Link to the CCI See An Advisor page.

info     go/courses?201768 - MIIS Summer 2017 Course Schedule

info     go/cciappointment - Schedule an advising appointment with a CCI Adviser.

info     go/courses?201798 - MIIS Fall 2017 Course Schedule

info     go/cciappointments

info     go/courses?201828 - MIIS Spring 2018 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIcomms - CCI program and event communications plans.

info     go/courses?201868 - MIIS Summer 2018 Course Schedule

info     go/CCICommsSurvey - Shortcut to the CCI communications survey.

info     go/courses?201898 - MIIS Fall 2018 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIConnect - Link to access all of the CCI social media accounts.

info     go/courses?201928 - MIIS Spring 2019 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIDecisionTree - Shortcut to the internal CCI communications document helping advisors remember communications workflows for events.

info     go/courses?201968 - MIIS Summer 2019 Course Schedule

info     go/ccidonorthankyou - CCI Donor Thank You template - used by students who receive funding from CCI.

info     go/courses?201998 - MIIS Fall 2019 Course Schedule

info     go/cciemail - Shortcut to CCI Targeted Email Headers for Handshake

info     go/courses?202028 - MIIS Spring 2020 Course Schedule

info     go/ccievents - Link to Handshake's current events (admin view)

info     go/courses?202068 - MIIS Summer 2020 Course Schedule

info     go/ccievents2

info     go/courses?202098 - MIIS Fall 2020 Course Schedule

info     go/ccieventsform - Shortcut to internal CCI Events and Communications Form

info     go/courses?202128 - MIIS Spring 2021 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIEventTimeline - Internal shortcut for CCI staff to plan their signature events

info     go/courses?202168 - MIIS Summer 2021 Course Schedule

info     go/ccifacebook - Link to the CCI Facebook account.

info     go/courses?202198 - MIIS Fall 2021 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIFactCard - Shortcut to the CCI fact card. Updated July 2023.

info     go/courses?202228 - MIIS Spring 2022 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIFO - Shortcut to the CCI front office reception desk schedule.

info     go/courses?202268 - MIIS Summer 2022 Course Schedule

info     go/CCIFOProjects - Shortcut to CCI Front Office Assistant Project Sheet

info     go/courses?202298 - MIIS Fall 2022 Course Schedule

info     go/cciforms

info     go/courses?202328 - MIIS Spring 2023 Course Schedule

info     go/ccihandshake

info     go/courses?202368 - MIIS Summer 2023 Course Schedule

info     go/ccihiring - Job Posting link

info     go/courses?202398 - MIIS Fall 2023 Course Schedule

info     go/ccijumpstart

info     go/courses?blse - Bread Loaf School of English 2021 Course Schedule

info     go/ccilogin - CCI WordPress Career Path Page login page.

info     go/courses?fall - Fall Term Course Schedule

info     go/ccimojo

info     go/courses?keys - Course Scheduling - Key to Course Schedule Abbreviations

info     go/CCINews - Shortcut to the CCI newsroom page.

info     go/courses?spring - Spring Term Course Schedule

info     go/ccinewsletter - Quick link to the page to sign up for the CCI Newsletter

info     go/courses?winter - Winter Term Course Schedule

info     go/CCINewsletters - Shortcut to CCI newsletter subscription form.

info     go/coursesched - Course Scheduling Office

info     go/CCinterest

info     go/coursesched?abbrkey - Course Scheduling - Key to Abbreviations

info     go/cciparents

info     go/courseschedule - View course schedules.

info     go/CCIPreviewDays2020 - shortcut to CCI Preview Days info

info     go/coursesites - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/cciprocedures - CCI Communications Procedures

info     go/coursespacerequest - Form for requesting separate storage space for students to use in specialized cases.

info     go/cciprojects

info     go/coursewarning - Course Warning Form is on this page.

info     go/cciqqs - Quick link to CCIs quick questions information

info     go/coursewarningform - Course Warning Form is on this page.

info     go/CCIrequest

info     go/coursewarnings - Professors may submit course warnings for students by filling out the information in this form

info     go/cciresources

info     go/coursewebsites - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/CCISAB - The Center for Careers & Internships SAB Application

info     go/Courtesy - Courtesy Accounts at Middlebury College - for Employees not paid through payroll (Abroad), Consultants that need network access, and Volunteers.

info     go/ccise

info     go/cover - EMS event coverage form for MC-related events

info     go/CCISignaturePrograms - Shortcut to CCI signature programs web page.

info     go/coverage - EMS coverage request form for Middlebury college-related events

info     go/ccisponsored - List of CCI sponsored internships

info     go/coverletter - CCI cover letters page

info     go/ccistaff

info     go/coverletterworkshop - Middlebury in DC Summer Mentorship Program Cover Letter workshop

info     go/ccitech

info     go/coveryourears

info     go/ccitechres

info     go/covid - 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

info     go/CCIToolKit - CCI Short cut for how to Build A Career Toolkit

info     go/covid-19 - 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

info     go/CCIUpdate - shortcut to CCI COVID-19 Update

info     go/covid-communications

info     go/CCIUpdate2 - COVID-19 Update #2

info     go/covid-exposure-checklist

info     go/cciweb

info     go/covid-exposure-plan

info     go/CCIWebUpdate - Internal form to request updates to the CCI drupal website.

info     go/covid-faq

info     go/cciwiki - Wiki used for all things CCI! This has been updated to the new Shared Google drive created for the CCI team.

info     go/covid-faq-students

info     go/cclcommunications - Anything you would like to communicate with Cafe con Leche.

info     go/covid-faqs

info     go/cclwriting

info     go/COVID-status - Current status of campus building access during COVID.

info     go/ccollections - Link to Aspace processing list/C-Collections/MS #s

info     go/covid-talks - Resources and summaries for the Hot Topics: COVID-19 Series of discussions taking place during spring 2020. Hosted by the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs and Rohatyn Student Advisory Board.

info     go/ccpa

info     go/covid19 - 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

info     go/ccproposals

info     go/covid19conductsanctions

info     go/ccs - 2019 Chinese Culture Show performer sign up form

info     go/covid19dfl - COVID-19 Exposure Control Checklist for Vermont Locations for Davis Family Library

info     go/CCSB - Chinese Society-MILC Google Drive

info     go/covid19followup

info     go/ccsearch - Creative Commons search portal.

info     go/covid19selfcare

info     go/CCSRE - Homepage for the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity at Middlebury College

info     go/COVID19Skills

info     go/ccsrehome

info     go/covid19testing

info     go/CCSummit

info     go/covidabortionaccess

info     go/CCVote

info     go/COVIDAid

info     go/CCVoting

info     go/covidantigentest - Information on Middlebury's COVID antigen test program

info     go/CCWorkshop

info     go/covidarchive - COVID-9 archiving

info     go/cd

info     go/covidarchiveproject - COVID-9 archiving

info     go/cdc-info

info     go/covidarchiveupload

info     go/CDCcleaningdisinfectingrecs

info     go/covidcare

info     go/CDCsharedlivingrecs

info     go/coviddash

info     go/cdcvaccines

info     go/coviddashboard - Covid-19 Reporting Dashboard

info     go/cdd

info     go/covidfaq

info     go/cdeifacultyinterviews

info     go/covidfaqs

info     go/cdeigrant - Antiracism Pilot Grants for Academic Units

info     go/covidfl - COVID-19 Exposure Control Checklist for Vermont Locations for Davis Family Library

info     go/CDFSB - French Club-MILC Google Drive

info     go/COVIDHelp

info     go/cdk - circ desk davis

info     go/COVIDInstructions - Instructions for students who test positive for COVID 19

info     go/cdo - Library database - China Data Online

info     go/covidisolation

info     go/cdollaz

info     go/covidlies

info     go/cds - Common Data Sets

info     go/Covidpositive - For submitting COVID test results

info     go/cdsguide - Library Research Guide to critical disability studies.

info     go/covidqanda

info     go/cdsp - current digest of the soviet press

info     go/covidquarantine

info     go/ce - Community Engagement website

info     go/covidreport - Report a Violation of Covid Policies

info     go/ceblog - Community Engagement Blog

info     go/covidreporting - Covid-19 Reporting Dashboard

info     go/cec

info     go/covidresult - For submitting COVID test results

info     go/cec1

info     go/covidselfcare

info     go/cec2

info     go/covidsurvey - A short survey on COVID-19 and Religion

info     go/cedar - cedar blog

info     go/covidsurvey22

info     go/cedarwaxwing

info     go/covidt - 2021 asymptomatic covid testing sign-up

info     go/cedric

info     go/Covidtestresult - For submitting COVID test results

info     go/ceeb - High School CEEB Code Generator

info     go/covidupload

info     go/CEF - Continuing Education Fund

info     go/covidvaccinereq

info     go/cefunding

info     go/COVIDVaccineRequirements

info     go/Celebrate2014 - Celebrate Reunion 2014

info     go/covidvaccines

info     go/celebrateearth

info     go/covidworkout - A go/covidworkoutreservation alias

info     go/celebratefebs - Feb Celebration 2013.5 follow-up page with photos, stories, videos

info     go/covidworkoutreservation

info     go/celebrateresilience

info     go/cowait

info     go/celebration-of-life

info     go/cowboy - Access to Late: A Cowboy Song Google Drive to audition

info     go/celeste

info     go/cowgirls - Cowgirls Trailer

info     go/celia

info     go/cows

info     go/celibate

info     go/cowtalk

info     go/cellbio

info     go/coyoten

info     go/celldivision

info     go/cozycornerFAM

info     go/cello-sonatas

info     go/cozywithcevin

alert     go/cenewsletter

info     go/cp - CPPM for techs

info     go/census - U.S. Census Data!

info     go/cp7 - BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Chicago Posse 7 member are you most like?

info     go/centennialevents - Go link for Language Schools centennial events

info     go/cpaudyal

info     go/centennialjournal - BLSE Summer link to Centennial Journal

info     go/cpauth - Middlebury Guest network - register a device

info     go/CenterDinner - RSVP form for dinner event following Practices of Privilege Event.

info     go/cpc

info     go/centerforhealthandwellness

info     go/cpcaction

info     go/centerofhealthandwellness

info     go/cpcinfo - This link provides a list of educational resources to learn more about Crisis Pregnancy Center tactics and impacts.

info     go/centralbury

info     go/CPClies

info     go/ceo

info     go/cpcmap - CPC research under the direction of Dr. Carly Thomsen

info     go/CEOflex

info     go/cpcs

info     go/CEOs

info     go/cpgai

info     go/ceporch - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/cpi - calculate inflation

info     go/ceramichours

info     go/cpp

info     go/ceramics - Ceramics Club!

info     go/cppm - CPPM for techs

info     go/cestaff - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/cpt - Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for international students.

info     go/CEstudentorgs - Link to Community Engagement's page of the 17 Student Organizations and Continuing Initiatives that we advise

info     go/CPT_report - A link to the ES401 report on the creation of an equitable carbon pollution tax for Vermont.

info     go/cestudentstaff - Community Engagement's virtual porch.

info     go/cptsession - CPT info session

info     go/cet

info     go/cputest - Stress test the cpu

info     go/cf - Community Friends Mentoring Program Homepage

info     go/cpvup - Investment decision for accounting class presentation

info     go/CF434 - Casa Fuente 434

info     go/cq - Library - Subscription database.

info     go/cfa - Middlebury College Arts

info     go/cqresearcher - CQ Researcher Library Database

info     go/cfa?mail-list - Middlebury College Arts - Mailing List Subscriptions

info     go/cr-hebrew

info     go/cfa?performing - Middlebury College Arts - Performing Arts Series

info     go/cr-japanese - LS - Japanese - Curricular Resources

info     go/cfapplication - A quick and easy way to navigate to the application to become a Community Friends mentor!

info     go/cr-russian - Curricular resources for the Russian School

info     go/cfappspring2024

info     go/cr-spanish - LS - Spanish - Curricular Resources

info     go/cfaudio - Community Friends 60th anniversary audio story

info     go/CRA

info     go/CFB - Student-run cold brew coffee company

info     go/craaptest - "CRAAP" test for evaluating information sources.

info     go/cfbbq

info     go/cracker

info     go/cfbikerodeo - RSVP for the Community Friends Bike Rodeo

info     go/cracksinthesystem - A feminist response to Covid, Contagion, and Cracks in the System

info     go/cfc - form for Admissions to enter College Fair Cards

info     go/craftcorner - The corner of campus where you can do crafts!

info     go/CFcalendar - A great way to keep up with Community Friends and find kid friendly events both on campus and in town.

info     go/crafts

info     go/cfcheckin

info     go/craftsandcoffee - The Women's Network - Crafts & Coffee Event RSVP form

info     go/cfclassroom

info     go/craigslist

info     go/CFD2023

info     go/craigthompsoninterview - Craig Thompson '13 will be available for half-hour practice interviews.

info     go/cffall22 - Mentor training link

info     go/crampus

info     go/cfhandbook - Community Friends Mentor Handbook

info     go/crampussubmission - make submissions to the crampus

info     go/cfhandbook2020

info     go/crampussubmit - make submissions to the crampus

info     go/cfinfofall19

info     go/crampusubmit - make submissions to the crampus

info     go/cfjamboard

info     go/craptest - "CRAAP" test for evaluating information sources.

info     go/cflsc

info     go/crash

info     go/cfmeeting

info     go/crashbutton

info     go/cfmentee

info     go/crashreel - The Crash Reel Screening Dana Auditorium January 29 at 7:00pm.

info     go/cfmenteeapp

info     go/crastanis

info     go/cfmentorapp

info     go/CRAtwater

info     go/cfmentoringstories

info     go/craven - Professor Craven's office hours and office location

info     go/cfmn19

info     go/cravev

info     go/cfo - Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

info     go/Crawl

info     go/cform

info     go/crazy

info     go/cfresources - Resources for Community Friends Mentors

info     go/crazyrichasians - Link to signup form for Crazy Rich Asians viewing on 9/20.

info     go/cfresources2020

info     go/crcfpenpal - Link to the sign up form for the Women's Justice and Freedom Initiative pen pal program with incarcerated women at Vermont CRCF

info     go/cfslideshow - This is a slideshow that Middlebury volunteers will present in high school college fairs.

info     go/crdbitrus - ResLife - Schedule a meeting with RD Bitrus Audu (Ross Complex)

info     go/cfstories

info     go/crdholly - Scheduling with RD Holly - Battell & Allen

info     go/cfstoriesintern

info     go/crdkevin

info     go/cfstoryhour

info     go/creamboi

info     go/cfsurvey

info     go/create - The Innovation Hub, home of Creativity and Innovation, MiddCORE, Oratory Now, Social Entrepreneurship, and Global Health programs

info     go/cftraining

info     go/create-a-thon

info     go/cfu - Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines from the Middlebury College Website.

info     go/createathon

info     go/cga - ITS internal instructions for creation of new guest accounts -- manual and batch methods

info     go/createathonaiclimatechange

info     go/cgiu - Clinton Global Initiative

info     go/createathonclimatechange

info     go/cgzoom

info     go/createathonclimatechangeai

info     go/ch - quicklink to coursehub

info     go/createathonpresentations

info     go/ch40pics - Smugmug gallery from Chinese Department's 40th Reunion

info     go/createpdf - How to Create a PDF from an Image

info     go/ch51 - Charter House Benefit Dinner at 51 Main

info     go/createposter - Creating Posters at Middlebury

info     go/chacha

info     go/createprofile - How to Create an Outlook Profile & Add a Mailbox

info     go/chaesonian - Underground Student Media Space

info     go/Creating

info     go/chagas - #FightChagas

info     go/creatingart - Cat workshop sign ups

info     go/chagasinternational - #FightChagas

info     go/creativeclimate

info     go/chainwax

info     go/creativeprocess16 - Coursepack for Creative Process F'16

info     go/chair - Sheldon relic chair

info     go/creativity

info     go/chairs - Link to resources for Department Chairs and Program Directors

info     go/creditpoll - This link leads to a google form that asks RGS students about a potential SGA initiative.

info     go/Chairs-directors

info     go/credo-admin - Credo admin dashboard

info     go/chairsforkids

info     go/credo_admin - Credo admin dashboard

info     go/challahforhunger

info     go/credoadmin - Credo admin dashboard

info     go/challengeme

info     go/creep

info     go/chambers - Middlebury College Chamber Singers

info     go/creep_

info     go/chameleon - Choral Chameleon's March 3, 2023 concert information

info     go/creepy

info     go/Chameleon-Concert

info     go/crenshawworkshop - Unequal Opportunity Workshop application

info     go/Chameleon-Soundbath

info     go/crep

info     go/ChampionNoah - Meet Noah! The VT Miracle Network Champion. Learn more about the kids we support at Dance Marathon!

info     go/crepe

info     go/chance - Library guide for FYSE 1025. Chance

info     go/Creperie - Online ordering menu for The Creperie

info     go/chancecoverage

info     go/crepes - Online ordering menu for The Creperie

info     go/chanceguide - Library guide for FYSE 1025. Chance

info     go/crew - Middlebury College Crew Team

info     go/chancelibguide - Library guide for FYSE 1025. Chance

info     go/crew-men

info     go/change - Change your Middlebury Account Password -- you must know your current password

info     go/crew-women

info     go/change-lg-widget - Request a change to the "Library Quick Search" widget on the Drupal webpage (at go/lib).

info     go/crewcash

info     go/changedisplayname - How to change the display name

info     go/crewcash23 - Middlebury Crew Fundraising

info     go/changeeverything - To Change Everything - An Anarchist Appeal

info     go/crewcoach - Petition for Middlebury College Crew coaching staff

info     go/changelg - Request a change to the "Library Quick Search" widget on the Drupal webpage (at go/lib).

info     go/crewcomment

info     go/changelgwidget - Request a change to the "Library Quick Search" widget on the Drupal webpage (at go/lib).

info     go/crewdriving24 - driving schedule for crew team 2023-2024

info     go/changelogc

info     go/crewfundraising

info     go/changemydisplayname - How to change the display name

info     go/crewgetsflexible

info     go/changepassword - Change your Middlebury Account Password -- you must know your current password

info     go/crewhome - home base for the crew team- links to absence sheet, practice schedules, office hours, fundraising, etc.

info     go/changepwd - Change your Middlebury Account Password -- you must know your current password

info     go/crewsignups

info     go/changethedebate

info     go/crewvans

info     go/chapelfellow

info     go/creww

info     go/chaplain - Scott Center homepage

info     go/crf - Student link for CRF (course response form)

info     go/chaplains

info     go/crf-reader - Link for Course Response Form readers

info     go/chaplainsfund - Chaplain's Fund application

info     go/crf_reader - Link for Course Response Form readers

info     go/chapterguide

info     go/crfreader - Link for Course Response Form readers

info     go/char

info     go/crfs - Student link for CRF (course response form)

info     go/charge - List of Middlebury charge accounts and process to use

info     go/cri - Carbon Reduction Initiative

info     go/chargeaccounts - Middlebury College works with many vendors in town through local charge accounts. This website details the list of local charge accounts.

info     go/cricketdata

info     go/charles - Vote for Charles Rainey for SGA President from 4/19 @ noon to 4/20 @ noon!

info     go/crime - Crime Report Statistics

info     go/charlesnerbak

info     go/criminalbackgroundcheck - Criminal Background Check policy (jma)

info     go/charlespipe

info     go/crimsonchin

info     go/CharlesWho - What happened when Charles Murray came to campus?

info     go/cringe

info     go/charlie - Arnowitz for President!

info     go/cristina

info     go/charliearnowitz - Arnowitz for President!

info     go/critical-conversation

info     go/charliearnowitzforpresident - Arnowitz for President!

info     go/critical-conversations

info     go/charlieboardman

info     go/criticalconversation

info     go/charlieforpresident - Arnowitz for President!

info     go/criticalconversations

info     go/charliejones

info     go/crizchun - Important CS major website

info     go/charliewithers - One word, Google.

info     go/crl - Center for Research Libraries Catalog

info     go/charlotte

info     go/CRL_info - Information on the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) ILL service.

info     go/charnowitz - Arnowitz for President!

info     go/crm - Library - SpringShare LibCRM

info     go/charredlatte - Student artist Charlotte Massey's art prints for sale on the Middlebury Campus.

info     go/crochet

info     go/charterhouse - Learn about how to get involved or donate online!

info     go/crochets

info     go/charterhouse_ledger

info     go/crocker_lab - Crocker Lab Research

info     go/charterhouse_mileage

info     go/crockerlab - Crocker Lab Research

info     go/charterhouse_service

info     go/croissant - nalbers

info     go/charterhousedinner

info     go/croowe

info     go/charterhse

info     go/crop

info     go/charts - The Top 30 charts at WRMC 91.1 FM Middlebury College Radio.

info     go/crops

info     go/chat

info     go/croptrust

info     go/chatch - UG Admissions Visit Campus Registration

info     go/CROPwalk - CROP Hunger Walk donation page

info     go/chateau109 - classroom documentation

info     go/crosscountry

info     go/chatgpt - chat gpt link

info     go/crosscultural

info     go/chatgptcheckin

info     go/crossfit

info     go/chatmasud

info     go/crossfitmidd - crossfitmidd

info     go/chatori - A link to my photography portfolio.

info     go/crossingData

info     go/chatref - Libanswers dashboard and refchat login page for librarians

info     go/crossmidd - CrossfitMidd

info     go/chatwithalibrarian - Library Research Services "Ask Us" Page (Chat or email a Midd librarian. Also, hours and contact information.)

info     go/crossroads - Crossroads's website

info     go/chatwithbarbara

info     go/crossroadsapp - Crossroads Hiring Application

info     go/chatwithmaddie

info     go/crossroadscafemeeting

info     go/Chautauqua

info     go/crossroadshire - Crossroads Hiring Application

info     go/chblog

info     go/crossroadsshiftschedule

info     go/CHCARPT - CARPT Exit Test 2018

info     go/crossroadstea - Suggestions for xroads employees

info     go/chcvolunteers - Learn about the Charter House Coalition, and how to get involved.

info     go/crossroadtea - Suggestions for xroads employees

info     go/che - Library - Subscription e-resource. Chronicle of Higher Education - online.

info     go/crossword - usa today crossword

info     go/cheatgrass

info     go/crosswords

info     go/chechnya - This is a donation link to support the Russian LGBT Network, an organization providing relief for vulnerable LGBT populations in Chechnya experiencing violence for their gender identities and sexual orientations.

info     go/crowdmanager - Link to Crowd Control Manager Information

info     go/check-ins

info     go/crowdmanagerhire - form to hire crowd manager

info     go/checkersout

info     go/crowdmanagerrequest - form to hire crowd manager

info     go/checkin

info     go/crowdtrain - Tracking form for attendees at Crowd Manager certification classes.

info     go/checkins

info     go/crownpoint

info     go/checklist - September Orientation 2013 Pre-Arrival Checklist

info     go/CrownPointFossils - A guide to the Ordovician fossils of Crown Point New York

info     go/checkmateliberals - spring '23 writer app for the local noodle

info     go/CRPfeedback

info     go/checkout

info     go/CRTIX - Please make (and replace go/titleix) the shortcut for the Civil Rights & Title IX office

info     go/checkrequest - Requirements for submitting check requests invoices and vouchers

info     go/crtixfeedback - Feedback form for the CRTIX Office

info     go/checkroom - Film and Media Culture's Equipment Checkout Website

info     go/crtixfocusgroups - 2021 Civil Rights & Title IX Focus Groups

info     go/checks

info     go/cruise18

info     go/checkup - Calendly for Health & Wellness Education's Substance-Use and Mental Health Check-up screening initiative

info     go/crush

info     go/cheeks

info     go/crush2013

info     go/cheer

info     go/crushed - Amanda Kirkeby's Crush List

info     go/cheeseclub - Welcome aboard! We are so excited to have you in Cheese Club. Feel free to peruse the site for some great cheese-related content and upcoming Cheese Club new and events.

info     go/crusher

info     go/chegg - Chegg

info     go/crushes

info     go/chellis - Chellis House

info     go/crushlist

info     go/chellisartshare

info     go/crushlists

info     go/chellisblog - Link to Chellis House blog with GSFS department information

info     go/cry

info     go/chellisgsfs - The official blog for Chellis House and The Program in GSFS

info     go/crying

info     go/chellishouse - Chellis House

info     go/cryingidiot - Monica and Claiborne Tracking Info

info     go/chelliszoom

info     go/crypto - Placeholder...

info     go/chelsea

info     go/cryptocurrencies - Placeholder...

info     go/chelseaandemily - Everything you need to know.

info     go/cryptocurrency - Placeholder...

info     go/chem - Chemistry Department

info     go/cryptofb

info     go/chem0203 - The course site for Jeff Byer's O-chem 1 course

info     go/cryptoparties

info     go/chem103lab - New ideas bouncing around the Gen Chem Lab at Middlebury College

info     go/cryptopartiesfb

info     go/chem203

info     go/cryptoparty

info     go/chem203videos - CHEM203 Videos

info     go/cryptopartyfb

info     go/chem204 - Byers' 204 videos

info     go/Crystal - Jamboard for reslife jamboard Su 22 training

info     go/chem204videos

info     go/crysteaux

info     go/chemabs - Library - Chemical Abstracts via SciFinder Scholar

info     go/crysunny - Warning: aesthetically pleasing.

alert     go/chemadvising

info     go/cs - Computer Science Department

info     go/ChemBiochemLinks - The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department zoom links are listed here.

info     go/cs-0145-waitlist

info     go/ChemBiochemZoom - The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department zoom links are listed here.

info     go/cs-145-waitlist

info     go/chembiochemzooms - Senior Thesis presentation

info     go/cs-200 - Course schedule, syllabus, and other resources for CSCI 0200 in Fall '23.

info     go/chembioczoomlinks - The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department zoom links are listed here.

info     go/cs-200-canvas - Canvas page for CSCI 0200 in F23.

info     go/chemclub - Middlebury ACS Student Chapter

info     go/cs-200-ed - EdStem discussion for CS 200 in F23

info     go/chemdraw - Description of how to get and use ChemDraw software.

info     go/cs-451 - Course website for CSCI 0451: machine learning

info     go/chemguide - Library - Chemistry subject guide

info     go/cs-courses - CSCI courses

info     go/chemicalmap - A map of all the hazardous chemical plants in the US.

info     go/cs-opportunities-subscribe - cs opportunities mailing list subscription

info     go/chemistry - Chemistry Department

info     go/cs-placement - CS placement survey

info     go/ChemMerch - Buy your Middlebury Chemistry Merch here!

info     go/cs/courses

info     go/chemorder - order chemicals and equipment through chemistry department

info     go/cs0

info     go/chemorderform - chemistry department order form

info     go/cs1002 - J-term Intro to Web Database Systems

info     go/chemsafe - Link to Chemical Hygiene Plan

info     go/cs1003 - (inactive) Course Page - Generative Art

alert     go/chemshirts

info     go/cs1004 - (inactive) Course Page - Programming for Novices

info     go/chemsocial

info     go/cs1005 - (inactive) Course Page - Crash Course in Systems Security

info     go/chemtutoring - Google form to sign in for Chem group tutoring

info     go/cs1007 - (inactive) Course Page - Human Genome Analysis

info     go/chemwaste - Link to Lab Management Plan for chemical wastes.

info     go/cs1007-socrative - CS1007 Socrative room

info     go/chemzoom - The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department zoom links are listed here.

info     go/cs1009 - (inactive) Course Page - Sensing the Environment

info     go/cheqroom - Film and Media Culture's Equipment Checkout Website

info     go/cs101 - (inactive) Course Page - Intro to Computing

info     go/cheremy

info     go/cs101_attendance - (inactive)

info     go/chernoff - CS 465 Chernoff Faces Presentation

info     go/cs1020 - (inactive) Course Page - Lego Robots

info     go/cheryl

info     go/cs105

info     go/chess - Chess Clock for Blitz Chess

info     go/cs1051

info     go/chessclock - Chess Clock for Blitz Chess

info     go/cs1052

info     go/chesstourney

info     go/cs1100 - (inactive) Course Page - Graphical Bots

info     go/chestlove - Get personal chest hair from a loving donor

info     go/cs145 - Website for CS145

info     go/chestpubes - Get personal chest hair from a loving donor

info     go/cs145-review

info     go/chfb

info     go/cs145-rodocodo

info     go/chgpwd - Change your Middlebury Account Password -- you must know your current password

info     go/cs145-test

info     go/chicago - Library - Subscription e-resource. Chicago Manual of Style Online

info     go/cs145-today

info     go/chicago-posse

info     go/cs145_attendance

info     go/chicagoannotatedbib - Example of an annotated bibliography in Chicago Style.

info     go/cs145form - Post-tutoring form for CS 145

info     go/chicagoannotatedbibliography - Example of an annotated bibliography in Chicago Style.

info     go/cs145report - Post help session report form

info     go/chicagoasb - Scott Center 2016 Alternative Spring Break trip to Chicago

info     go/cs150 - Course Page - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/chicagoexample - Examples of citations in Chicago's Notes & Bibliography Style

info     go/cs150-attend - CS150 start-of-the-semester attendance and interest survey

info     go/chicagoexamples - Examples of citations in Chicago's Notes & Bibliography Style

info     go/cs150-ed - Ed discussion forum for CS150

info     go/chicagoholiday - Link to Chicago Holiday Reception Registatration

info     go/cs150-inclass - CS150 in-class interaction site

info     go/chicagomanualofstyle

info     go/cs150-midway

info     go/chicchocs

info     go/cs150a - Course Page - Computer Science 150A - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/chickbag - Bags

info     go/cs150a-socrative - Socrative room for CS150A

info     go/chicken

info     go/cs150b - Course Page - Computer Science 150B - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/chickendinner

info     go/cs150b-socrative - Socrative room for CS150B

info     go/chickenneedlesoup

info     go/cs150c - Course Page - Computer Science 150C - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/chickenonaraft

info     go/cs150form - Post-tutoring form for CS 150

info     go/chickenparm - Sign up for 2/3 Community Supper event

info     go/cs190 - (inactive) Course Page - Computer Models and Multi-Agent Simulation

info     go/chickenparmesan

info     go/cs190files - csci0190 file storage spring 2011

info     go/chicportland

info     go/cs200 - Course Page - Mathematical Foundations of Computing

info     go/chijiaozi - Fall 2022 Chinese Department dumpling eating competition (12/4 1:30-4:45 ADK Coltrane Lounge)

info     go/cs200a - Course site for CSCI 200 A

info     go/childagain

info     go/cs200a-f22 - Go-link for CSCI 200A, Fall 2022

info     go/childcare

info     go/cs200a-s22 - Link to homepage for CSCI 200 A (Swenton), Spring 2022

info     go/childhood

info     go/cs200b - Course site for CSCI 200 B

info     go/chile

info     go/cs200form - Post tutoring response form for CS 200

info     go/chill

info     go/cs200report - Post help session report form

info     go/chillrizz

info     go/cs200WaitList

info     go/chilly

info     go/cs201 - Course Page - Data Structures

info     go/chimneysweep

info     go/cs201-schedule

info     go/china

info     go/cs201form - Post tutoring response form for CS 201

info     go/chinadata - Library database - China Data Online

info     go/cs201report - Post help session report form

info     go/chinadataonline - Library database - China Data Online

info     go/cs202 - Course Page - Computer Architecture

info     go/chinatownhall - RSVP form for the 2022 China Town Hall sponsored by Project Pengyou and the Rohatyn Center Student Advisory Board.

info     go/cs202_attendance

info     go/chinese - Chinese Department

info     go/cs202form - Post-tutoring form for CS 202

info     go/chinese-exam - Start page for the CATRC Exam. This is the site for the Middlebury College Chinese School Computer Adaptive Test for Reading Chinese (CATRC). You will need to have the Shockwave plugin installed on your computer.

info     go/cs202report - Post help session report form

info     go/chinese-school-postcard

info     go/cs3 - Blog for Chinese Summer Language School (Level 3)

info     go/chinese101 - A Chinese blog for students who are interested in Chinese culture and language

info     go/cs301 - Course Page - Theory of Computation

info     go/chinese103b - this links you to the Chinese 103B Moodle site

info     go/cs301-f22 - Canvas homepage for CSCI 301, Fall 2022

info     go/chinese301 - Chinese 301 Course website

info     go/cs301-s23 - Course homepage for CSCI 301 during Spring 2023

info     go/chinese302 - Chinese 302 Course Website

info     go/cs301a-f22 - Canvas homepage for CSCI 301, Fall 2022

info     go/chinese?reunion - Chinese Department - 30th Reunion Information

info     go/cs301form - Post-tutoring form for CS 301

info     go/chineseblog - Summer Chinese School

info     go/cs301report - Post help session report form

info     go/chinesegold - Information about the exhibition "Lost Luxuries, Ancient Chinese Gold" on display at the Middlebury College Museum of Art January 24 through April 19, 2020.

info     go/cs301s

info     go/chineseguide - Library Research Guide for Chinese

info     go/cs302 - Course Page - Algorithms

info     go/chineseplacement - Start page for the CATRC Exam. This is the site for the Middlebury College Chinese School Computer Adaptive Test for Reading Chinese (CATRC). You will need to have the Shockwave plugin installed on your computer.

info     go/CS302_check_in

info     go/chineseschool - Summer Chinese School

info     go/CS302A_group

info     go/chineseschool3 - Chinese School Level 3 Website

info     go/CS302B-group

info     go/chineseupdate

info     go/cs302form - Post tutoring response form for CS 302

info     go/chk

info     go/cs302report - Post help session report form

info     go/chkhats

info     go/cs311 - Course page - CS311 Artificial Intelligence

info     go/chli

info     go/cs311-attend - CS311 start-of-the-semester attendance and interest survey

info     go/chlinkedin

info     go/cs311-schedule

info     go/chloe

info     go/cs311form - CS 311 post-tutoring form

info     go/chns - Chinese Department

info     go/cs311videos

info     go/CHNS0411 - Canvas website of 2022 Fall CHNS0411

info     go/cs312 - Course Page - Software Development

info     go/CHNS0475 - Modern Chinese Literature

info     go/cs312-attend - CS312 Attendance and Interest Survey

info     go/chns?reunion - Chinese Department - 30th Reunion Information

info     go/cs312-ed - CS312 Software Development Ed Q&A Board

info     go/chnsschool - Summer Chinese School

info     go/cs312-inclass - CS312 in-class interaction site

info     go/chocolatesyrup

info     go/cs312report - Post help session report form

info     go/chode - hair so big, steez so low

info     go/cs313 - Course Page - Programming Languages

info     go/choice

info     go/cs313form - Post-tutoring form for CS 313

info     go/choicemag - Library Database - Choice Reviews online

info     go/cs314 - (inactive) Course Page - Operating Systems

info     go/choicereviews - Library Database - Choice Reviews online

info     go/cs315 - (inactive) Course Page - Systems Programming Fall 2023

info     go/choices

info     go/cs315form - Post-tutoring form for CS 315

info     go/CHOICESvirtual

info     go/cs318 - Course Page - OOP + GUI Application Dev

info     go/choir - College Choir on Music Department site

info     go/cs321 - Course Page - Bioinformatics Algorithms

info     go/choirfall22 - Middlebury College Choir Concert (Fall 2022) Program Notes and texts.

info     go/cs321-attend - CS321 Bioinformatics Algorithms Attendance

info     go/choirspringconcert - Middlebury College Choir Spring Concert 2023 program

info     go/cs321-ed - CS312 Bioinformatics Algorithms Ed Q & A board

info     go/cholera

info     go/cs321-inclass - CS321 in-class interaction site

info     go/chome - John Beatty

info     go/cs321-rosalind

info     go/Chony2018

info     go/cs333 - Canvas Course Site

info     go/ChooseFYM18 - FYSE faculty may choose a Writing and Academic Mentor from this list.

info     go/cs333form - CS333 Post Tutoring Form

info     go/choosingamajor

info     go/cs333groups

info     go/choralauditions - Choral auditions information

info     go/cs390 - (inactive) Course Page - Spatial Agent-Based Modeling

info     go/chordauditions

info     go/cs390form - CS 390 post-tutoring form

info     go/chords

info     go/cs390report - Post help session report form

info     go/chorus - Middlebury College Chorus

info     go/cs401

info     go/chow

info     go/cs401form - CS 401 post-tutoring form

info     go/chp - Link to Chemical Hygiene Plan

info     go/cs413 - (inactive) Course Page - Functional Programming

info     go/chq

info     go/cs414 - Course Page - Advanced Operating Systems

info     go/christian

info     go/cs416 - Course Page - Parallel Computing

info     go/christiancain

info     go/cs416-attend - CS416 attendance and enrollment survey

info     go/christianholmes

info     go/cs416-inclass - CS416 in-class interaction site

info     go/christiankummer

info     go/cs422

info     go/christianwoldmedhindawit

info     go/cs425 - (inactive) Course Page - Computational Geometry

info     go/christina - SGA Sophomore Senator campaign page for Christina Brook.

info     go/cs431 - Course Page - Computer Networks

info     go/christinadenbow

info     go/cs433 - Course Page - Compiler Design

info     go/christine - Listen Witness Amplify: On the ongoing legacies of school segregation by law in eastern North Carolina A Talk by Christine McDow

info     go/cs435 - Course Page - Embedded Systems

info     go/christmas

info     go/cs441 - (inactive) Course Page - Advanced Algorithms

info     go/ChristmasCards

info     go/cs451 - (inactive) Course Page - Machine Learning

info     go/ChristmasMusic - opens a new email set to email me, Danny Smith

info     go/cs451report - Post help session report form

info     go/chromanempire

info     go/cs452 - Course Page - Image Processing

info     go/chromatic - Chrome's recruitment page

info     go/cs453 - (inactive) Course Page - Computer Vision

info     go/chromatichouse - Chrome's recruitment page

info     go/cs454 - (inactive) Course Page - Biometrics

info     go/chromaticrecruitment - Chromatic Arts Social House

info     go/cs455 - (inactive) Course Page - Drone Robotics

info     go/chrome - Chromatic Social House: The Arts House

info     go/cs457 - Course Page - Natural Language Processing Spring 2024

info     go/chrome21 - chrome fall 2021 recruitment info

info     go/cs458 - Course Page - Information Retrieval

info     go/chrome22

info     go/cs461 - Course Page - Computer Graphics

info     go/chromebasement - chrome basement reservation form

info     go/cs463 - (inactive) Course Page - Cryptography

info     go/chromedia - go link for chromedia

info     go/cs465 - Course Page - Information Visualization

info     go/chromefall23 - application to live in chromatic house for fall 2023

info     go/cs466 - Course Page - Usable Mobile Interfaces

info     go/chromeformal - RSVP for chromatic formal

info     go/cs467 - Course Page - Generative Art

info     go/chromehome - Chromatic housing application

alert     go/cs4life

info     go/chromehomemidd

info     go/cs4lyfe - Computer Science is where it's at...but you already knew that.

info     go/chromehouse - Chrome's recruitment page

info     go/cs500 - (inactive) request for CS 500

info     go/chromerecruitment - Chrome's recruitment page

info     go/cs701 - Course Page - Senior Seminar

info     go/chromespring23

info     go/cs701-knox

info     go/chronicle - Library - Subscription e-resource. Chronicle of Higher Education - online.

info     go/cs701a - Course Page - Senior Seminar, Section A

info     go/cht - Learn about Globemed's partner organization, Conservation Heritage - Turambe

info     go/cs701b - (inactive) Course Page - Senior Seminar, Section B

info     go/cht003 - classroom instructions

alert     go/cs701bf19

info     go/cht107 - classroom instructions

info     go/cs701c - (inactive) Course Page - Senior Seminar, Section C

info     go/cht110 - classroom instructions

info     go/cs702

info     go/CHT2024

info     go/cs_social

info     go/chtraining - Sign up for next volunteer training session for Charter House.

info     go/cs_summer_research

info     go/chubes - Get personal chest hair from a loving donor

info     go/cs_survey - Middlebury CERP CS Survey

info     go/chuck

info     go/CS_TA_application - Link to Google form for CS course assistant/grader application

info     go/chucksucks

info     go/csa

info     go/chunder

info     go/csaavedramendezsound

info     go/chunky

info     go/csac

info     go/churchill - CTLR Fellowships Churchill Scholarship information

info     go/CSAcademic

info     go/churchwatchparty - During Phase I, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will hold Church Watch Parties, where you can hang out with other Christians and spiritually curious people. The watch party will be on Zoom. The Zoom link will be live at 9:45AM so we can chat before the service (we will follow up with the Zoom invitation). Then, starting at 10 AM EST, we'll broadcast the service

info     go/csaccount - CS computer account form

info     go/churros

info     go/csadmin - Middlebury CS System Administration Wiki

info     go/churros2024

info     go/CSAlumPanel - Nov 6 Alumni Panel

info     go/chw

info     go/csam - Cyber Security Awareness Month

info     go/chwadvisorycommittee

info     go/csareport - CSA report

info     go/chwsemesterreview

info     go/csc - Campus Sustainability Coordinators

info     go/CIA

info     go/csci - Computer Science Department

info     go/ciainfo - Join the email list for Middlebury College Civics in Action!

info     go/csci-0145-waitlist - Waitlist signup for CSCI -145.

info     go/ciao - Library - Subscription database.

info     go/csci-145-waitlist

info     go/ciara

info     go/csci-courses - CSCI courses

info     go/ciarsvp

info     go/csci-placement - CS placement survey

info     go/cid

info     go/csci0150 - Course Page - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/cida - Creativity in the Digital Age: Class Blog

info     go/csci0190

info     go/cigmitten - awesome music

info     go/csci0200 - Course Page - Mathematical Foundations of Computing

info     go/cigs

info     go/csci0201 - Course Page - Data Structures

info     go/cigsinside

info     go/csci0301 - Course Page - Theory of Computation

info     go/cincodemayo - Cinco de Mayo Celebration at 51 Main

info     go/csci1051

info     go/cinderella

info     go/csci1052

info     go/cindy

info     go/CSCI145-lightbot

info     go/Cinema-Carol

info     go/csci150 - Course Page - Computing for the Sciences

info     go/cinematography - FMMC 1018 Winter 2018 Cinematography

info     go/csci190 - Links to CSCI0190 class website

info     go/cinnamon

info     go/csci200 - Course Page - Mathematical Foundations of Computing

info     go/cintax - How to file a non-resident alien tax return

info     go/csci200a - Course site for CSCI 200 A

info     go/circ - Library - Circulation services

info     go/csci200b - Course site for CSCI 200 B

info     go/circalma - problems with alma circulation

info     go/csci201 - Course Page - Data Structures

info     go/circblog - Circulation Services Blog

info     go/csci301 - Course Page - Theory of Computation

info     go/circdesk - Library - Circulation services

info     go/csci_0145_waitlist

info     go/circform - Library - Circ form

info     go/cscicourses - CSCI courses

info     go/circle

info     go/csciguide - Library Research Guide for Computer Science

info     go/circles

info     go/csclub - Coming soon - a link to Middlebury's computer science club (Middle Endian)!

info     go/circlesplay - Fall 2020 Thesis Reading passcode: 080799

info     go/CSconference

info     go/circolo - Buona Forchetta RSVP form

info     go/cscourses - CSCI courses

info     go/circreport

info     go/cscs

info     go/circservices

info     go/cse - Middlebury College Center for Social Entrepreneurship

info     go/circstatsweek - Library - Circ form

info     go/csecalendar

info     go/circsurvey-fac - LIS Circulation survey for faculty

info     go/csefellow

info     go/circsurvey-st - LIS circulation survey for students and staff

info     go/csefellows

info     go/circulation - Library - Circulation services

info     go/csefellowship - Center For Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship

info     go/circusmaximus - shortcut for FYS.

info     go/cselaunch - Center for Social Ent.

info     go/circwiki - Circ documentation

info     go/cselocation - Location of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship

info     go/citation - Library Style and Citation Guide (MLA, APA, Turabian, Zotero, etc.)

info     go/csesummergrants

info     go/citationforpeople - Citation doesn't have to be a chore! This video breaks down the reasons why we cite, how to use citation to help your reader, and how to make citing your sources easy and stress-free.

info     go/csesymposium - The Center for Social Entrepreneurship's 2014 January Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship

info     go/citationguide - Library Style and Citation Guide (MLA, APA, Turabian, Zotero, etc.)

info     go/csfeedback - Anonymous CS department feedback survey

info     go/citationhelp - Library Style and Citation Guide (MLA, APA, Turabian, Zotero, etc.)

info     go/csforall

info     go/CitationNation - Public Safety Web Series

info     go/csgroup - CS Students GroupMe

info     go/citations - Library Style and Citation Guide (MLA, APA, Turabian, Zotero, etc.)

info     go/csguide - Library Research Guide for Computer Science

info     go/citationvideo - Citation doesn't have to be a chore! This video breaks down the reasons why we cite, how to use citation to help your reader, and how to make citing your sources easy and stress-free.

info     go/cshelp - Computer Science Course Help

info     go/cite - Library - Citation Guide (Middlebury College Libraries)

info     go/cshelp-evals - CSCI Course Assistant Evaluation forms

info     go/cite701 - CS701 citation exercise

info     go/cshelp_application - Link to Google form for CS course assistant/grader application

info     go/citehelp - Link to the Citation Guide and help avoiding plagiarism.

info     go/csi

info     go/citemla - MLA citation maker

info     go/csintro-survey - Survey about CS introductory classes

info     go/citing - a website containing guidelands for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE style papers.

info     go/Csm - Concerned Students of Middlebury Website

info     go/citingimages - This page provides a rough guide to citing images including artwork.

info     go/csmadmin

info     go/citizenaward

info     go/csmajors

info     go/citizenawards

info     go/CSMapp

info     go/citizenkanye

info     go/csmapply

info     go/citizensaw

info     go/csmjuneteenth

info     go/citizensawards

info     go/CSMmeet

info     go/citizenship

info     go/CSMNom

info     go/citlali - Citlali Aguilera-Rico's campaign website for co-chair of community council 2022

info     go/csmsign - CSM petitions

info     go/citrixworkspace - Install instructions for Citrix Workspace

info     go/CSMTeam

info     go/citrus

info     go/CSMvax

info     go/city

info     go/csnsconfluence - ITS internal documentation for CSNS.

info     go/citygirl - City Girl's Website

info     go/cso - Career Services

info     go/cityofangels - City of Angels publicity

info     go/cso?alumni - Shortcut to CSO/MiddNet

info     go/civ5

info     go/cso?externshipreports

info     go/civicengagement

info     go/cso?intform - Career Services - Internship Form

info     go/civicleadership

info     go/cso?jobform - Career Services - Job Posting Form

info     go/cklive

info     go/csofm - Concerned Students of Middlebury Website

info     go/ckresume

info     go/csofunding - Funding sources available to Middlebury students for internships, research, travel and volunteering.

info     go/cl

info     go/cspaill - Link to the "current student project at ILL"

info     go/claire

info     go/csplacement - CS placement survey

info     go/clairocult - WRMC's show application for Spring 2019.

info     go/cspt

info     go/clapstomp

info     go/css - The College Board's CSS financial aid profile. Required when applying for Middlebury's financial aid.

info     go/clarice

info     go/cssprofile

info     go/clarin - Clarin - Argentinean Newspaper

info     go/CSSurvey - Middlebury Computer Science Survey

info     go/clark

info     go/cst

info     go/clas - Classics Department

info     go/csthesis

info     go/clasp - CLASP listserv mailling list

info     go/csthesistalk - Shortcut for the CS thesis zoom session

info     go/clasp-collaboratory-portal - CLASP collaboratory portal

info     go/CSTutorEvals - CSCI Course Assistant Evaluation forms

info     go/clasp-discussion-group - CLASP listserv mailling list

info     go/cstutors - Computer Science Course Help

info     go/clasp-group - CLASP listserv mailling list

info     go/cswaitlist - Wait list for CSCI courses

info     go/clasp-list - CLASP listserv mailling list

info     go/cswholesale

info     go/clasp-portal - CLASP collaboratory portal

info     go/cswiki - Computer Science Department wiki

info     go/clasp-post - clasp listserv post

info     go/ct - CTLR Annual Winter Contemporary Teaching Series

info     go/clasp-subscribe - CLASP listserv mailling list subscribe

info     go/ct122013

info     go/class+websites - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/cta - Crazy Talented Asians rehearsal + other stuff zoom link

info     go/classagent - goes to class agent recruitment page

info     go/ctc - Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation (the CT Collaborative)

info     go/classagenthub - Middlebury's Class Agent Hub of information and resources

info     go/ctcon?japanese101 - Intro to Japanese, as seen at ConnectiCon.

info     go/classanalysis

info     go/CTEC - CTEC

info     go/Classdeans - Deans play a crucial role in supporting with student academic and personal goals.

info     go/ctest - Link to covid testing signup on campus.

info     go/classes - Fixed to go to classes

info     go/ctexperiences23

info     go/classesfolder - Instructions for editing groups such as class lists, email distribution lists, and Middfiles security groups.

info     go/ctglobalcourses - Conflict Transformation-Funded Global Courses

info     go/ClassFund - Giving form that includes funds for the following classes: 1955, 62, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72

info     go/CTH

info     go/ClassGift - Class of 2023 Senior Gift

info     go/cti - Curricular Innovations

info     go/ClassGift2021 - Class of 2023 Senior Gift

info     go/ctinnovations - Curricular Innovations

info     go/classgroups

info     go/CTInternships - CCI's Conflict Transformation internships

info     go/classic - Classics Department

info     go/ctlr - The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR)

info     go/classicalchinese1 - Blog for CHNS 0411 F10

info     go/CTLR+DLINQInterns

info     go/classics - Classics Department

info     go/ctlr-panel - stewardship

info     go/classicsguide - Library research guide for Classics and the Program in Classical Studies

info     go/ctlr2017afternoon1 - Theory to practice sessions for Jan 2017 CTLR Pedagogy Series.

info     go/classicslibguide - Library research guide for Classics and the Program in Classical Studies

info     go/ctlrapply

info     go/ClassicsReading2013 - 2013 Classics Reading Schedule

info     go/ctlrblog - CTLR Updates blog

info     go/classified

info     go/ctlrcalendar - CTLR Academic Opportunities Calendar

info     go/classifieds

info     go/ctlrdeadlines - Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR) Deadlines Calendar

info     go/classlists - Instructions for editing groups such as class lists, email distribution lists, and Middfiles security groups.

info     go/ctlrdrop-in - CTLR Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

info     go/Classof1958Gift -

info     go/ctlrdropin - CTLR Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

info     go/Classof1963Gift

info     go/CtlrEvents - Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) Events Calendar

info     go/classof1988facebook - Class of 1988 Facebook Page

info     go/ctlrfaculty - CTLR Campuswide Faculty Teaching Resources, Development and and Funding Opportunities

info     go/Classof2003Gift

info     go/ctlrjan2017 - CTLR January 2017 Pedagogy Series

info     go/classof70

info     go/ctlrlibcal - CTLR LibCal for Tutoring and Advising Appointments and Events, Deadlines, and Tutoring Drop-In Calendars

info     go/classof71 - Giving form for the class of 1971.

info     go/ctlrstudent - CTLR Student Academic Support and Development Resources

info     go/classof72

info     go/ctlrstudentevents - Quick link to CTLR events calendar student listings.

info     go/classphoto - Class Photo for Incoming Class

info     go/ctlrstudents - CTLR Student Academic Support and Development Resources

info     go/classregistration

info     go/CtlrTutoring - Info about professional and peer tutoring sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR)

info     go/classroom - Facilities and times available for all public spaces on campus.

info     go/ctlrtwstudents

info     go/classroomguides - Find thorough guides to every single classroom on MIDD and Bread Loaf campuses.

info     go/ctnov12013

info     go/classroomracesurvey - This survey was put together by students in GSFS 0313: White People (Spring 2023). We would like to collect your opinion and experience on the prevalence of course-relevant conversations about race in Middlebury College classrooms.

info     go/cto - Shortcut to college handbook CTO policies

info     go/classrooms - List of all classrooms with videos for each one.

info     go/ctresources

info     go/classroomtroubleshoot

info     go/cts - CTLR Annual Winter Contemporary Teaching Series

info     go/classrosters

info     go/ctskills - Details on a new Winter 2023 course from the Conflict Transformation Collaborative

info     go/ClassScholarship - Giving form that includes funds for the following classes: 1955, 62, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72

info     go/CTT - Compas Tutor Training for our new spring tutors!!!

info     go/ClassScholarships - Giving form that includes funds for the following classes: 1955, 62, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72

info     go/cuadernito

info     go/classy

info     go/cuaderno

info     go/classycat

info     go/CubaLoveStory - cuba love

info     go/classypaqlbd

info     go/cube - cube!!!

info     go/clay - Ceramics Club

info     go/cubeclub - Official Cube Club Website!

info     go/claymonitor

info     go/cucm

info     go/Clayton-Piano

info     go/cucumber - Cucumber Quest!

info     go/clcapp

info     go/cucumberquest - Cucumber Quest!

info     go/cleaningabathroom - Video for the Custodians showing how to Clean a Bathroom

info     go/cuddle

info     go/cleaningplanforresbuildings

info     go/cuddlebuddies - For Middlebury students that just want to cuddle.

info     go/cleaningvariousrooms - Video for the Custodians showing how to Clean Various Rooms

info     go/cuddles

info     go/cleanout - Information about moving out of on and off campus housing at the end of the year.

info     go/cuffed

info     go/cleanupthebog - chill music, chill times, when you just don't have enough time for time...

info     go/cuisiner

info     go/clearcache - How to clear the cache for multiple web browsers

info     go/cujo

info     go/clearpass

info     go/culcal

info     go/clemsandmilk - Yup

info     go/culturalcompetency

info     go/cleo - i love singing monsters!

info     go/culturalstudiesguide - Midd Library Research Guide to Latin American Cultural Studies

info     go/clery - Takes people to the clery pages.

info     go/culturedbutter

info     go/clerygeography - takes you to the middlebury clery geography map

info     go/cultureofwellnessregister

info     go/clerytrip - takes you to the clery trip page.

info     go/cum

info     go/clientportal

info     go/cunt

info     go/cliffford - Clifford Symposium

info     go/cup

info     go/clifford - Clifford Symposium

info     go/cupcake - Cupcake Cannon

info     go/clifford16

info     go/cupcakes

info     go/clifford2013 - Clifford Symposium 2013

info     go/cupfeedback

info     go/clifford2014 - Clifford Symposium 2014

info     go/cupid - cupid shuffle

info     go/clifford2016 - Clifford Symposium 2016

info     go/cups

info     go/clifford2021 - Link to the Clifford Symposium website for Fall 2021

info     go/curmudgeon

info     go/clifford21 - Link to the Clifford Symposium website for Fall 2021

info     go/currentstudents

info     go/CliftonStrengths

info     go/curric

info     go/climateaction - Website for the Climate Action Program at Middlebury College.

info     go/curriculum - Curriculum Committee & info

info     go/climatecenter - The Vermont Center for Behavioral Science Research on Climate and the Environment

info     go/cursedsammy - cursed goose

info     go/climatechange2016 - Survey for students on where they stand with Climate change in 2016

info     go/curses

info     go/climatechangeaicreateathon

info     go/customink - Custom Ink website

info     go/climatechangecreateathon

info     go/cute

info     go/climatecompass - RSVP Google Form for the "Climate Compass Workshop" hosted by The All We Can Save Project. Organized and sponsored by the Climate Action Program. January 24, 2024.

info     go/cutemonkey - cute monkey

info     go/climatefiction840_S24 - ENVS 0215A Climate Fiction Guide

info     go/cutiebooty - George and Octave

info     go/climatemarch - A survey to see who would like to attend the People's Climate March on April 29th 2017 in DC!

info     go/cutthewaste - Cut the Waste Wordpress site

info     go/climatememes - memes for sad ES midd kids

info     go/cuv

info     go/climaterally

info     go/cv - Campus Visit Sign-In Schedule

info     go/climatesemester - The Middlebury Climate Semester: Resilience, Solutions, Justice

info     go/cvinquiry

info     go/climatesolutions -

info     go/cvis

info     go/climatestrike

info     go/CVL

info     go/climatesurvey2019 - Middlebury College Climate Assessment 2018-2019

info     go/cvuus

info     go/climatetalk

info     go/cw - Climate Wire - climate news

info     go/climatetrends - CS701 United States Climate Trends project Authors: Jeff Blake, Lauren Clarke, and Cece Ziegler

info     go/cwalt - Caroline Walters for SGA President

info     go/climatewalk - Transportation for Montpelier Action

info     go/cwalts

info     go/climatewire - Climate Wire - climate news

info     go/cwh - Climbing Wall Hours

info     go/climb - Middlebury Climbing Wall

info     go/cwphilrace - Course website for college writing section of Philosophy of Race

info     go/climbing - Middlebury Climbing Wall

info     go/cwr - COVID workout reservations homepage

info     go/climbingclinic

info     go/cws - Shortcut to the Course Hub

info     go/climbingemails

info     go/cyberinfrastructure - Home site for the Academic Cyberinfrastructure Transformation Team.

info     go/climbingevents

info     go/cybermun

info     go/climbingfb

info     go/cybersecurity - This is to reserve go/cybersecurity for the Security Team to launch a new webpage.

info     go/climbingguide

info     go/cybersource - JMA CyberSource login

info     go/climbingmail

info     go/Cybertruck

info     go/climbingsurvey

info     go/cycling - The home of the Middlebury College Cycling Club online.

info     go/climbingwall - The climbing wall club on MiddLink.

info     go/cyclingblog - Middlebury Cycling's blog

info     go/climbnight

info     go/cyclingclub - The home of the Middlebury College Cycling Club online.

info     go/clintonsatire2016

info     go/cyclingkit - Middlebury cycling team kit order

info     go/clit - Cliteracy: clitoris literacy, the study and reflection of female anatomy and sexuality. The purpose of our workshop is to help people of ALL identifying genders debunk sex myths about hetero, homo, and inter-sexual relationships with women, as well as talk about women's bodies in ways that are often over-looked by standard public school sex education. Topics will include a more in-depth analysis of female anatomy, but will also branch out to discuss relevant topics that are clouded by common misconceptions. These include but are not limited to, sexual relationships, health & contraception, self-pleasure, and the navigation of body image in our everyday lives.

info     go/CYEFY20E1 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Email #1

info     go/cliteracy - very important

info     go/CYEFY20E2 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Email #2

info     go/clitoris

info     go/CYEFY20E3 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Email #3

info     go/clock

info     go/CYEFY20E4 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Email #4

info     go/clockin - Helpdesk Student Schedule

info     go/CYEFY20E5 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Email #5

info     go/cloeshasha

info     go/CYEFY20SM1 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Social Post #1

info     go/clortho

info     go/CYEFY20SM2 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Social Post #2

info     go/closed - Mail Room

info     go/CYEFY20SM3 - CYE Social Media Post #3 (repurposed appeal code, originally for email)

info     go/closepanther

info     go/CYEFY20TX1 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Texting #1

info     go/closet24

info     go/CYEFY20TX2 - Giving Link - FY20 CYE Texting #2

info     go/closetapp24

info     go/cynthiaconnard