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info     go/ubiquitous

info     go/updatefull

info     go/ubuntu - How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB on WinOS.

info     go/updates

info     go/uc

info     go/updo

info     go/uchannel

info     go/upnext

info     go/UCRF - Undergraduate Collaborative Research Funding for faculty.

info     go/upnextconsulting

info     go/ucsc

info     go/UpNextData - shortcut to CCI's UpNext Data Analytics Event

info     go/ud18 - Sign up for the Annual Umoja African Atwater Dinner! Monday November 12th, 2018, 5:30 pm

info     go/upnextlifescience - Quick link to UpNext: Careers in Life Science alumni event at CCI.

info     go/udall - Udall Fellowship

info     go/upnexttechnology

info     go/udi - standard software package

info     go/UpshawMasterClass2017

info     go/udi?contents

info     go/ur-stem

info     go/udi?update

info     go/urban

info     go/uf - Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate

info     go/urbancommons - A student-led Winter Term conference on participatory urban commons in Latin(@) America

info     go/ufs

info     go/urbanec

info     go/ugc - Undergraduate Calendar

info     go/urbit - FYSE 1121 Representations of Urban Italy Course Hub/ Canvas Site

info     go/ugdeposit - Undergradute admissions deposit page

info     go/urd - It's a picture of a gourd

info     go/ugdepositlink - Link to the UG Deposit form on Nelnet

info     go/urds

info     go/uglycute

info     go/urethra

info     go/ugstudentpolicies

info     go/urgent

info     go/ugstudentrespolicies

info     go/urine - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI7LKtfHQUo&feature=youtu.be

info     go/ugtuitionpayment - SFS Undergraduate Payment Options for Tuition

info     go/urlsubmit - Submit links to material of historical significance relating to Midd for the Middlebury College Web Archive. Examples include news articles and publications about Middlebury, websites for student orgs, etc.

info     go/ugupdate - Update your information

info     go/urmom - Ur mom gae

info     go/uhdtest - Test video for 4K UHD displays.

info     go/urmum

info     go/uhoh - Inspired by the struggles experienced during the middle day of the week, Hump Day aims to add a little spice to your Wednesdays. Our show features scintillating conversations about topics in pop sexuality and music that will inspire you to pursue physical intimacy.

info     go/uro

info     go/UK-Irish - Fellowships opportunities for graduate study in the UK and Ireland

info     go/uro?symapp - Undergraduate Research Office - Student Symposium Applicatio

info     go/uke - Help Dan win a ukulele photo contest!

info     go/urofunding - Undergraduate Research (CTLR) Funding

info     go/ukecontest - Help Dan win a ukulele photo contest!

info     go/URSTEM - Underrepresented in STEM

info     go/ukulele - Help Dan win a ukulele photo contest!

info     go/urstembudget

info     go/ukulelecontest - Help Dan win a ukulele photo contest!

info     go/urstemmentee

info     go/ulash

info     go/urstemmentor

info     go/uld

info     go/urstemmixer

info     go/ulmap - Davis Library Map (Upper Level)

info     go/urstemmixer2019

info     go/ulrichs - Ulrich's Web serial directory

info     go/urstemtutor

info     go/ultimate - Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate

info     go/uruguay

info     go/Ultra

info     go/us

info     go/UM20

info     go/usa - temp

info     go/umoja - Amika UMOJA conference

info     go/usabad

info     go/Umojadin19

info     go/usabilityreport - Form to gather results from Usability testing.

info     go/UMOJASB - UMOJA-MILC Google Drive

info     go/usadronestrikes

info     go/unattended-process - Midd Lab Safety unattended process form

info     go/usaisbad

info     go/unattended-process-form - Midd Lab Safety unattended process form

info     go/usau - Goes to the USAU homepage.

info     go/unattendedprocess - Midd Lab Safety unattended process form

info     go/usawarcrime

info     go/unattendedprocessform - Midd Lab Safety unattended process form

info     go/usawarcrimes

info     go/unbound

info     go/usbad

info     go/unbreakable - Grace Brown, creator of Project Unbreakable, photographs survivors of sexual assault holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. In 2012, TIME magazine named her project one of the "30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs." Since then she has been referenced by Law and Order: SVU, appeared on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, and been interviewed by The Guardian. Grace will speak about the history of her project, share stories behind her images, and reflect upon creating awareness of sexual assault. Brought to you by It Happens Here and co-sponsored by MCAB Speakers, American Studies Program Spiegel Family Fund, James Jermain Professor of Political Economy Enrichment Funds, Religion Department, Ross Commons Council

info     go/uscn

info     go/undata - Library - Subscription database.

info     go/uscots - Alex Lyford and Michael Czekanski USCOTS19 presentation.

info     go/undergradpayment - Directs to Undergraduate Payment Options.

info     go/usdronestrikes

info     go/undertheinfluence

info     go/UseCasper - Internal - How to Use JAMF's Casper

info     go/undocumentedmilk

info     go/useclearpass - Helpdesk Internal Notes - Using ClearPass Policy Manager

info     go/unemployed

info     go/usecp - Helpdesk Internal Notes - Using ClearPass Policy Manager

info     go/unemployment

info     go/usecppm - Helpdesk Internal Notes - Using ClearPass Policy Manager

info     go/unicorn - cute as heck

info     go/usefulccistuff - Midd-only access to useful CCI stuff.

info     go/union - Labor Notes

info     go/usego - GO shortcut usage & troubleshooting info in brief (GO is used to navigate Middlebury websites)

info     go/unionize - Labor Notes

info     go/UseKACE - How to Use KACE to perform basic tasks (internal wiki)

info     go/uniprot

info     go/useless

info     go/uniteddaysofcaring - Sign up for United Days of Caring volunteer opportunity

info     go/usevirtual - How to Use Middlebury's Virtual Computer Labs (aka Virtual Classroom)

info     go/unitedstates

info     go/usevirtuallab - How to Use Middlebury's Virtual Computer Labs (aka Virtual Classroom)

info     go/unitedway - Middlebury College United Way Campaign

info     go/usgbc - Middlebury College U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Student Chapter

info     go/unitedway?ezpdof - United Way - EZ Payroll Deduction Form

info     go/usherreport - crowd manager/usher report form for MCA Usher staff

info     go/unity

info     go/ushistguide - History-United States Library Research Guide - resources for history students.

info     go/universevideo - The Known Universe by AMNH, YouTube

info     go/ushistoryguide - History-United States Library Research Guide - resources for history students.

info     go/unix - UNIX cheat sheet

alert     go/usinggo

info     go/unix-shell - software carpentry unix shell

info     go/usss - Library - Subscription database. U.S. Congressional Serial Set online.

info     go/unixref - UNIX cheat sheet

info     go/uswarcrime

info     go/unixshell - software carpentry unix shell

info     go/uswarcrimes

info     go/unkoch

info     go/utensils

info     go/unmasked

info     go/utopia - fyse 1392

info     go/unnecessary - Poverty Is Unnecessary Day event at Proctor!

info     go/uu - Unitarian Universalist Student Group Enrollment

info     go/uno

info     go/uva

info     go/unopposed

info     go/uvm

info     go/unpublished - The Midd Unpublished exhibit aims to display writing and art excerpts from students personal notebooks.

info     go/uvm-example

info     go/unquietminds - Website for ENAM 0302 Unquiet Minds: Gender and Madness in Literature and Medicine

info     go/uvm?asian - University of Vermont - Asian Studies Program

info     go/unreliable - grmn 490

info     go/uvm?athletics - UVM - Athletics

info     go/unsafe

info     go/uway - Middlebury College United Way Campaign

info     go/unspokenstigmas - Middlebury Campus question

info     go/uway?ezpdof - United Way - EZ Payroll Deduction Form

info     go/unzipper

info     go/uway?pledge - Untied Way - Pledge

info     go/uo - urban outfitters

info     go/uway?raffle - Untied Way - Raffle

info     go/up - text based adventure

info     go/uwc - United World College organization homepage

info     go/up16 - MSoE 2016, Understanding Place Toolkit

info     go/UWCRoster

info     go/up16booklet - MSoE 2016, Understanding Place Toolkit

info     go/uwcrosters - Used for United World College Liaisons only

info     go/up16rain - MSoE 2016, Understanding Place Tookit

info     go/uwcsp/celebration - tenth anniversary uwcsp celebration

info     go/update - Alumni, Parents, and Friends: Update your contact information!

info     go/ux-signup

info     go/updatefull

info     go/uxgroup - Middlebury Libraries User Experience Group