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info     go/i - iMods

info     go/inst - MIIS

info     go/i-jobs - Internal job postings

info     go/instagram

info     go/I2

info     go/install - A description of the software offered by Info Tech Services (ITS) and how to obtain it.

info     go/ia - Middlebury College Special Collections & Archives on the Internet Archive

info     go/install-sda - Library - SDA install / update documentation. Sierra Desktop App how-to. MUST be on-campus OR use VPN to see and use.

info     go/ia-activism - Internet Archive collection from Special Collections. Materials related to student activism at Midd.

info     go/installonedrive - Installer file for OneDrive

info     go/ia-mnb - Middlebury College News Bureau Collection @ Internet Archive

info     go/instanthappiness

info     go/iacuc - Home page for Middlebury's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

info     go/institute - May 2015 CTLR Learning Institute

info     go/iaguide - Internet Archive Libguide

info     go/instres - Institutional Research

info     go/iaia - For HIST 0475 (Spring 2019)

info     go/instructorapp

info     go/iam

info     go/insurance - Links to Middlebury's student health insurance info page.

info     go/iamaddis

info     go/intcomm - shortcut to BLSE Engl 7104

info     go/iamhere - Debate attendance form.

info     go/intd0206 - INTD 0206 Fall 2013

info     go/ian

info     go/intd0221blog - Blog for INTD0221a skills

info     go/ian/middstart

info     go/intd105 - INTD 105 Public Health Policy ERES

info     go/ian/work

info     go/intd1131 - Visual Data Analysis (INTD1131)

info     go/ianrhee - wimp.

info     go/intd1150 - Winter term 2014 course website

info     go/IanSexton - My Linkedin page. To be updated in the future.

info     go/integrando

info     go/iasearch - Special Collections instructions for helping researchers search the Internet Archive

info     go/intel - shortcut to instructions on how to project from an intel computer.

info     go/iasearchhelp - Special Collections instructions for helping researchers search the Internet Archive

info     go/intellecheck - Evisions Intellecheck web-based check printing client

info     go/IBC - Middlebury College's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for overseeing research projects conducted at the College that involve recombinant DNA (rDNA), biological agents, and other biohazards. The IBC is a standing committee of faculty, staff, and community members.

info     go/intellectualproperty - IP policy and supporting resources.

info     go/ibn

info     go/intellectualpropertypolicy - IP policy and supporting resources.

info     go/ibs - Der Blog zum Kurs "In Bildern sprechen"

info     go/intensivechinese

info     go/ibuprofen

info     go/intensiveitalian

info     go/ic - Independent Contractor Information and forms

info     go/intensiverussian

info     go/ic5146 - cocoon nebula

info     go/intentionalgratitude

info     go/icantfindthecse - Location of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship

info     go/IntentionalLiving

info     go/icc

info     go/intentionalliving18 - Application for the Intentional Living House, Fall 2018/J-term 2019

info     go/iccolympics - InterCommons Olympics Info and Signups

info     go/interculturalcenter - Anderson Freeman Resource Center

info     go/ICCteam

info     go/interesthouse

info     go/iccteams - ICC Olympics Team Sign Ups

info     go/interfaithhouse - Interfaith Interest House

info     go/ice

info     go/interfolio - A site for uploading letters of recommendation for job interviews, grad school, or med school

info     go/icebreaker

info     go/interlibrary - Library: Interlibrary Loan Services

info     go/icecream - Stew 3 social

info     go/Interlibrary_Loan - Library - Interlibrary Loan web page

info     go/icerank - Division III hockey rankings. Go Midd!

info     go/interlibraryloanguide - Library guide for Interlibrary loan (ILL)

info     go/iceride - Middlebury #Iceride 2013

info     go/intern - Internship Blogs

info     go/iceshow - Winter Carnival Ice Show

info     go/internadvice

info     go/icloud - iCloud on the web

info     go/international - Middlebury International

info     go/icloudhelp

info     go/internationalfilms - Shortcut to webpage for summer international film festival

info     go/ico - Intercommons Olympics

info     go/internationallove

info     go/icolympics - Intercommons Olympics

info     go/internationalscholarship

info     go/icpsr - Library - Subscription database.

info     go/internationalweekofkaren

info     go/ICSB - Italian Club-MILC Google Drive

info     go/internationalwinterterm

info     go/id - id card request form

info     go/internationalwork

info     go/ida - International Dark-Sky Association

info     go/internconsultation - Post-consultation form for DLINQ Interns

info     go/ida2020 - ida 2020

info     go/internconsultationconsultation - Schedule a consultation with a DLINQ Intern.

info     go/ida2020register - ida 2020 regsiter

info     go/internetarchive - Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more.

info     go/idc - Institutional Diversity Committee's webpage

info     go/internetarchiveguide - Internet Archive Libguide

info     go/idcard - Link to ID Photos Form Submission Page

info     go/InternetHateSpeech

info     go/idcards - Link to ID Photos Form Submission Page

info     go/internfeedback

info     go/Idcardsform - Form to register for new ID card via photo submission or for replacement ID card

info     go/interninquiryfeedback

info     go/ideal - Send you to ideal-logic, the software used by Middlebury Outdoor Programs and Middlebury Mountain Club

info     go/internparksdepartment2011 - Link to Parks Dept. internship video EIA

info     go/idealist - Idealist.org

info     go/internship

info     go/ideas

info     go/internship90s

info     go/identita

info     go/internships - Center for Careers and Internships

info     go/identity

info     go/internshipsforcredit

info     go/identitymanual - Middlebury Identity Manual

info     go/interpol

info     go/identityrevealed

info     go/intersectionality

info     go/identityvid

info     go/IntersectionalTV - wordpress blog for 2016 Gensler Symposium

info     go/idf

info     go/intervarsity - Middlebury Intervarsity website

info     go/idontcare - Room 404

info     go/interview

info     go/idontwanttotakethisclass

info     go/interviewing - Guide to Effective Interviewing for Middlebury College Hiring Managers

info     go/idphoto - Link to ID Photos Form Submission Page

info     go/interviewquestions

info     go/idphotos - Link to ID Photos Form Submission Page

info     go/interviewquestionstoask

info     go/IDstudio

info     go/interviews

info     go/idtapthat

info     go/inthedark - Darkroom Club

info     go/ie8-download - Download for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, for 32bit systems.

info     go/inthenude - Wanna join me?

info     go/ie8-xp - Download for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, for 32bit systems.

info     go/intl - International Studies

info     go/ieee - Shortcut for IEEE Computer Science Digital Library

info     go/intl0442a

info     go/iemsym17 - IEM Symposium November 2017

info     go/intldiscord

info     go/iemsymeval

info     go/intlfacebook

info     go/ienroll - Mobile device enrollment in Casper. Authorized personnel only.

info     go/intlgrants - Three grants are currently administered by the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs. The RCGA Summer Research Grant provides funding for overseas research for juniors preparing to write senior theses during the summer before senior year, while the RCGA Study Abroad Research Grant provides funding for research either during their study-abroad program or immediately following the program. Finally, grants from the Padma Desai Fund provide funding opportunities for students interested in conducting research or an internship while studying abroad in Russia as part of their Middlebury College experience.

info     go/IF - This is a shortcut to the Web Inquiry Form. Prospoective students fill this out for more information about Middlebury and Office Staff uses it to input visitation sheets

info     go/intllaw - PSCI 0236- Intl Law

info     go/if2015

info     go/intlmiddlebury

info     go/ifcampaign - Middlebury's own guide to dealing with stress on campus

info     go/intlpop - IntlPop program

info     go/ifihadahammer

info     go/intlschedule

info     go/ifitgoestowar - Not a Dollar More, If It Goes to War

info     go/intltraining

info     go/ifs - International Financial Statistics from the IMF - library subscription

info     go/intolivewithgod

info     go/ifyouknow

info     go/intramural

info     go/ig

info     go/intramurals

info     go/igloo

info     go/introtothedigital

info     go/ignite

info     go/intsum19 - I Noticed That... document for DLINQ Interns exercise.

info     go/ignitethesound

info     go/intsum2019 - I Noticed That... document for DLINQ Interns exercise.

info     go/igoogle - igoogle

info     go/inventory

info     go/igrad - iGrad interactive financial wellness tools

info     go/invest - Invester Info

info     go/igs - Home page for the International and Global Studies Program

info     go/investigate311

info     go/igsguide - Library guide for IGS and IPE resources.

info     go/investing - Library Research Guide for business, investing, and career resources

info     go/igst

info     go/investingguide - Library Research Guide for business, investing, and career resources

info     go/IGSthesis - IGS Thesis guidelines

info     go/InvestingWorkshop - MiddCORE Investing workshop - spring 2014

info     go/ih

info     go/investinopen

info     go/ihapply

info     go/investment

info     go/ihavesex - video about student activism for Planned Parenthood

info     go/investments - Information about the Endowment

info     go/ihcball - Inter-House Council FB Event Page 2013

info     go/investmentsurvey

info     go/iheardchucksucks

info     go/investmenttreasury - Treasury Office (jma)

info     go/ihh

info     go/investmidd - Student Investment Committee

info     go/ihh2018

info     go/investopedia - Investopedia

info     go/ihh2019

info     go/investure - Middlebury's endowment manager

info     go/ihhsurvey

info     go/invisible - On the internet, you cannot hide.

info     go/ihopen

info     go/invoice

info     go/ihubnews - Sign up for the Innovation Hub newsletter.

info     go/inwithcohen

info     go/ii - 2012 Production of The Imaginary Invalid

info     go/inwyt - Blog for the storytelling series "It's Not What You Think" and its companion podcast series

info     go/iiiproject - Basecamp project management platform for the 2018 Library Sierra migration

info     go/inyourownwords - As part of the Black History Month February 2018 celebration, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer has developed an oral history project in which she interviews different Middlebury College community members who identify as black.

info     go/ijp - JFA (Jobs for Alumni)

info     go/inzerillo

info     go/ijustmetyou

info     go/iod

info     go/iki - iki

info     go/iolatency

info     go/ikon - Free Heelers Ikon pass info

info     go/ionlab - Research website for Professor Paul Hess

info     go/il - Middlebury's Information Literacy site

info     go/ios - All pages in the LIS Wiki that fall under the category iOS.

info     go/il-assignment - Information Literacy assignment ideas

info     go/ios_middfiles - Get to Middfiles from any iOS device.

info     go/il-assignments - Information Literacy assignment ideas

info     go/iosapp - Middlebury College Mobile app - iOS

info     go/il-workshopideas - Library workshop planning and ideas

info     go/iosmail - How to connect email to iOS devices

info     go/il-workshops - Library workshop planning and ideas

info     go/iosprojection - How to project from an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

info     go/ilab

info     go/ip - Instructions on how to find the IP address assigned to a given computer. Also has instructions for the MAC or physical address.

info     go/ilana - ilana-gratch.squarespace.com

info     go/ip-list - A list of possible IP addresses and what they mean. For Helpdesk technicians only.

info     go/ilanagratch

info     go/ip.policy

info     go/ilaria

info     go/ipa - Info on how to use IPA symbols, specifically.

info     go/ilassignments - Information Literacy assignment ideas

info     go/ipad

info     go/ilc

info     go/ipad_email - Directions for setting up email on an iOS mobile device.

info     go/ilframework - Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

info     go/ipadcase

info     go/ilikemike - if u wanna be friends with me

info     go/ipcommittee - IP policy and supporting resources.

info     go/ilip - iLIP Fall 2018 Final Project example

info     go/ipe - International Politics & Economics Department

info     go/ill - Library - Interlibrary Loan web page

info     go/ipec - International Politics & Economics

info     go/ILL-Lending - ILLiad Web for other Libraries

info     go/ipec240

info     go/ill_info - Interlibrary Loan Information page

info     go/ipefreely

info     go/ILL_Lending - ILLiad Web for other Libraries

info     go/ipeguide - Library guide for IGS and IPE resources.

info     go/ill_renew - Video: How to renew an ILL.

info     go/IPEsymposium - Annual IPE Symposium held each fall

info     go/ill_renewal - Video: How to renew an ILL.

info     go/ipethesis

info     go/illguide - Library guide for Interlibrary loan (ILL)

info     go/ipl

info     go/illhomepage - Library - Interlibrary Loan web page

info     go/iplist - A list of possible IP addresses and what they mean. For Helpdesk technicians only.

info     go/illiad - Library - ILLiad login page - Interlibrary Loans

info     go/ipod - iPods for 2nd Language Acquisition

info     go/illiadguide - Library guide for Interlibrary loan (ILL)

info     go/ipoll - Roper Center's iPoll (public opinion library database)

info     go/illimite

info     go/ipp

info     go/IllinoisRestaurantAcademy - :)

info     go/ippolicy - IP policy and supporting resources.

info     go/ILLlending - ILLiad Web for other Libraries

info     go/ipsum - lorem ipsum graphic design and publication placeholder t