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info     go/0365 - Link to Office 365 login page.

info     go/2037

info     go/08masterplan

info     go/204 - Foundations of English Literature w/ Marion Wells

info     go/1 - Fastest way to get to the home page!

info     go/2048

info     go/1-1 - 1-1 peer tutoring form

info     go/212 - physics 212

info     go/1-1tutor - 1-1 tutor login

info     go/21st

info     go/10000

info     go/221B - Sherlock Holmes Across Media syllabus, Fall 2017

info     go/1000cranes

info     go/221bmurdermystery

info     go/1003

info     go/221c - MiddSherlock Canvas Fall 2017

info     go/100days

info     go/222 - GEOL0222 Spring 2014 Moodle page

info     go/100days2015 - 2015 100 Days event!

info     go/225 - Math 225 Fall 14

info     go/100worksheet - worksheet

info     go/232 - A calendar for you too schedule rehearsal time in CFA 232

info     go/100yearsls

info     go/24

info     go/101 - CS101 homepage, Spring 2014

info     go/242 - Chem 242 Spring 2013 facebook group

info     go/101010

info     go/246 - Moodle resource for MUSC 0246.

info     go/1010101

info     go/24hourplayfestival

info     go/101717

info     go/24hourplays

info     go/101917 - Support materials for SOAN class - Rebecca Tiger

info     go/24hours

info     go/1025 - Library guide for FYSE 1025. Chance

info     go/24hrzine - midd's first 24 hr zine fest

info     go/1028hike

info     go/254 - The webpage for the 2014 Hunt team "Room 254"

info     go/103

info     go/25FallLetter

info     go/1040 - How to file a U.S. federal tax return

info     go/25Letter

info     go/1040NR - How to file a non-resident alien tax return

info     go/25live - Middlebury College Scheduling

info     go/1042S - Explanation of Form 1042S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding

info     go/25live?miis

info     go/108

info     go/25regpdf - Printable Reunion registration form 25th

info     go/1099 - CS1099A GUI Applications in Qt/C++

info     go/25reunionreg - 25th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1988) Online Registration

info     go/10ideas - Link to Roosevelt Institute's 10 Ideas 2014

info     go/25threunion - Rotating space for reunion members

info     go/10tips - Behind the scenes at Sleepless in Burlington 2012.

info     go/25threunionbio

info     go/118 - Middlebury's Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship (located at 118 South Main St.)

info     go/25thSouvenir - 25th Souvenir Order Form

info     go/118workshops - Description and Schedule for 118 South Main Street Workshop Series

info     go/25thyearbook

info     go/121

alert     go/25yc2

info     go/123

info     go/25yc3 - 25 Years @ Midd with David Bain

info     go/13reasonswhytalkingpoints

info     go/27

info     go/140lab

info     go/2Assist - (Helper) Website to download/install GoToAssistHelpAlert.exe software. AND to log-on!

info     go/140placement - Biology 140 bypass exam.

info     go/2bros - Placeholder.

info     go/1415

info     go/2Changz

info     go/145placement

info     go/2mexico

info     go/1463guide - Library guide for FYSE 1463. "Scholars Communicate Meaning"

info     go/2nianji - This is the GO shortcut for the course website for Level 2 (CHNS3201-3204) of the Chinese School. When off campus or when connected to the web via insecure wireless service, use the url http://blogs.middlebury.edu/chns3201-3204/ instead.

info     go/1463libguide - Library guide for FYSE 1463. "Scholars Communicate Meaning"

info     go/2nianji12

info     go/15000

info     go/2onedrive - Instructions for moving data from Middfiles to cloud file storage.

info     go/1516

info     go/2porch

info     go/155

info     go/2thecloud - Instructions for moving data from Middfiles to cloud file storage.

info     go/17

info     go/30in38 - The 30 in 38 Project

info     go/1738

info     go/30in38project - The 30 in 38 Project

info     go/1800

info     go/311 - Blog about Japanese earthquake

info     go/1800?2007

info     go/311stat

info     go/1800?2008 - 2008 1800 Society Donor Roll link

info     go/3298

info     go/1800_NYC - Link to 1800 Society Holiday Party in NYC 2016

info     go/350rap

info     go/1800Boston

info     go/365 - A 365 day photography blog.

info     go/1800Gift

info     go/371

info     go/1800Give

info     go/3d - 3D Computer Animation

info     go/1800NYC - Shortcut to Invitation to 1800 Society Reception Invitation in NYC in Dec. 2017 - to use in Hard Copy Invite

info     go/3DWorkshop - Everything you have always wanted to know about Desktop 3D Printing (But Were Afraid to Ask) is an intensive J-Term crash course lasting from Wednesday, January 24th to Friday, January 26th.

info     go/1800society - 1800 society page on GIVING website

info     go/3kurs

info     go/1800YearEnd

info     go/3s

info     go/190

info     go/3some - Ski Sugarbush's two areas Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, plus Mad River Glen, for only $359 this winter!

info     go/1918 - I guess there never was a curse, they just stunk for 85 years.

info     go/3st

info     go/191read - readings for gsfs 191 in spring 2016

info     go/4 - Chinese School Level IV web site

info     go/1956facebook - Facebook group for the class of 1956

info     go/401

info     go/1960reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

info     go/404 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/1961reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

info     go/415 - Chinese School Level 4 course website for summer 2015 students.

info     go/1962activities - Reunion activity sign up sheet for 1962

info     go/416 - Chinese School Level IV CHNS3401-3404, Summer 2016

info     go/1962facebook - Facebook group for the class of 1962

info     go/420

info     go/1963

info     go/43 - Midd in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa #43

info     go/1963giftform - 1963 reunion gift form FY13

info     go/430combo

info     go/1967scholarship - Link to general giving page for the 1967 Scholarship appeal

info     go/431

info     go/1969

info     go/460

info     go/1973 - 1973 Facebook Page

info     go/48s

info     go/1988Facebook - Class of l988 Facebook Page

info     go/48south

info     go/1990Spring

info     go/4it

info     go/1991scholarship

info     go/4ktest - Test video for 4K UHD displays.

info     go/1993Reunion - 15th Reunion Facebook event page

info     go/4kuhdtest - Test video for 4K UHD displays.

info     go/1billionrising - One Billion Rising on February 13, 2013 -- Crossroads Cafe, 10 P.M. to Midnight

info     go/4ls - Chinese School Level 4 instructors site. Created and maintained by Jin Zhang (jzhan@middlebury.edu)

info     go/1BRising - One Billion Rising on February 13, 2013 -- Crossroads Cafe, 10 P.M. to Midnight

info     go/4nianji12

info     go/2.5

info     go/4nj - Chinese School Level 4 web site. CHNS 3401-3404

info     go/20

info     go/4o4 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/2007

info     go/4oh4 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/200days - 200 Days Party Event

info     go/4ward

info     go/2010Training - Learn about Microsoft Office 2010 - Training Videos

info     go/4x4 - A website dedicated to the Middlebury 4x4 Challenge

info     go/2011 - Career Services statistics for 2011

info     go/5 - Midd 5 is a news show from the Campus Newspaper.

info     go/2011-UWC-dinner

info     go/5000 - Competition shortcut to the Rohatyn Center's Annual Student-Run Global Affairs Conference.

info     go/2011athleticsThankYou - Athletics thank you video

info     go/500dollars

info     go/2011sss - link to database-linked application form for 2011 Student Spring Symposium

info     go/50regpdf - Printable Reunion registration form 50th

info     go/2012 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2012

info     go/50reunion

info     go/2012bacc

info     go/50reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

info     go/2012Blavatnik1

info     go/50th

info     go/2012Blavatnik2

info     go/50thbio - 50th reunion autobiography form

info     go/2012classinfo

info     go/50thgiving

info     go/2013 - Career Services statistics for fall 2013

info     go/50thLetter

info     go/2013Blechacz

info     go/50threunion

info     go/2013Laube

info     go/51dinner - 51 Main's Dinner Menu

info     go/2013Shao

info     go/51lunch - 51 Main's Lunch Menu

info     go/2013thankyou - Thank you page for FY2013 donors, including video postcard

info     go/51main

info     go/2013WBF

info     go/51VDay - 51 Main's Valentine's Day Menu

info     go/2014 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2014


info     go/2014honorroll - Link to the 2014 Undergraduate Donor Rolls

info     go/520720

info     go/2014parentshonorroll - Link to the Parents donor roll for 2014

info     go/5k

info     go/2015 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2015

info     go/5ksunrun - 2011 Solar Decathlon 5K Sun Run Registration.

info     go/2015honorroll

info     go/6-11 - Los Campeones del Mundo

info     go/2015math200

info     go/60s

info     go/2015parentshonorroll

info     go/63bio - 1963 autobiography form

info     go/2015slate - 2015 MCAA slate

info     go/64bio - yearbook bio for '64

info     go/2016

info     go/7

info     go/2016ClassAgent

info     go/700

info     go/2016honorroll

info     go/7kurs

info     go/2016MiddGive

info     go/7sim

info     go/2016parentshonorroll

info     go/8tracks - Handcrafted internet radio

info     go/2016SeniorCommittee - 2016 Senior Class Committee. Created initially for the January 2016 Parents' Committee update.

info     go/9 - procrastinate

info     go/2017

info     go/9.11

info     go/2017ClassAgent

info     go/90s - MCAB Fall Frenzy 90's Dance

info     go/2017gift

info     go/90sinternship

info     go/2017MiddGive

info     go/90smiddaction

info     go/2018

info     go/90years - Middlebury's 90th Annual Winter Carnival

info     go/2018canvas - 2018 J-term Canvas Course for Faculty

info     go/91-1

info     go/2019

info     go/91.1

info     go/202

info     go/911 - Go link to emergency info for students

info     go/2020

info     go/911?facstaff - Memo to Faculty/Staff Regarding AlertFind Emergency Notifica

info     go/2021

info     go/95years - Chronological 95 year history of Middlebury College's Performing Arts Series. Over 1,000 performances!

info     go/2022

info     go/999999 - Middlebury College Homepage

info     go/2023

info     go/99percent

info     go/2024

info     go/99spring

info     go/2025

info     go/9gag - Just for fun!

info     go/2037