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info     go/0365 - Link to Office 365 login page.

info     go/2023

info     go/08masterplan

info     go/2024

info     go/1 - Fastest way to get to the home page!

info     go/2025

info     go/1-1 - 1-1 peer tutoring form

info     go/2037

info     go/1-1tutor - 1-1 tutor login

info     go/204 - Foundations of English Literature w/ Marion Wells

info     go/10000

info     go/2048

info     go/1000cranes

info     go/209

info     go/1003

info     go/212 - physics 212

info     go/100days

info     go/21st

info     go/100days2015 - 2015 100 Days event!

info     go/221B - Sherlock Holmes Across Media syllabus, Fall 2017

info     go/100worksheet - worksheet

info     go/221bmurdermystery

info     go/100yearsls

info     go/221c - MiddSherlock Canvas Fall 2017

info     go/101 - CS101 homepage, Spring 2014

info     go/222 - GEOL0222 Spring 2014 Moodle page

info     go/101010

info     go/225 - Math 225 Fall 14

info     go/1010101

info     go/232 - A calendar for you too schedule rehearsal time in CFA 232

info     go/101717

info     go/24

info     go/101917 - Support materials for SOAN class - Rebecca Tiger

info     go/242 - Chem 242 Spring 2013 facebook group

info     go/1025 - Library guide for FYSE 1025. Chance

info     go/246 - Moodle resource for MUSC 0246.

info     go/1028hike

info     go/24hourplayfestival

info     go/103

info     go/24hourplays

info     go/1040 - How to file a U.S. federal tax return

info     go/24hours

info     go/1040NR - How to file a non-resident alien tax return

info     go/24hrzine - midd's first 24 hr zine fest

info     go/1042S - Explanation of Form 1042S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding

info     go/254 - The webpage for the 2014 Hunt team "Room 254"

alert     go/108

info     go/25FallLetter

info     go/1099 - CS1099A GUI Applications in Qt/C++

info     go/25Letter

info     go/10ideas - Link to Roosevelt Institute's 10 Ideas 2014

info     go/25live - Middlebury College Scheduling

info     go/10tips - Behind the scenes at Sleepless in Burlington 2012.

info     go/25live?miis

info     go/118 - Middlebury's Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship (located at 118 South Main St.)

info     go/25regpdf - Printable Reunion registration form 25th

info     go/118workshops - Description and Schedule for 118 South Main Street Workshop Series

info     go/25reunionreg - 25th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1988) Online Registration

info     go/121

info     go/25threunion - Rotating space for reunion members

info     go/123

info     go/25threunionbio

info     go/13reasonswhytalkingpoints

info     go/25thSouvenir - 25th Souvenir Order Form

info     go/140lab

info     go/25thyearbook

info     go/140placement - Biology 140 bypass exam.

alert     go/25yc2

info     go/1415

info     go/25yc3 - 25 Years @ Midd with David Bain

info     go/145placement

info     go/27

info     go/1463guide - Library guide for FYSE 1463. "Scholars Communicate Meaning"

info     go/280experiment

info     go/1463libguide - Library guide for FYSE 1463. "Scholars Communicate Meaning"

info     go/2Assist - (Helper) Website to download/install GoToAssistHelpAlert.exe software. AND to log-on!

info     go/15000

info     go/2bros - Placeholder.

info     go/1516

info     go/2Changz

info     go/155

info     go/2mexico

info     go/17

info     go/2nianji - This is the GO shortcut for the course website for Level 2 (CHNS3201-3204) of the Chinese School. When off campus or when connected to the web via insecure wireless service, use the url http://blogs.middlebury.edu/chns3201-3204/ instead.

info     go/1738

info     go/2nianji12

info     go/1800

info     go/2onedrive - Instructions for moving data from Middfiles to cloud file storage.

info     go/1800?2007

info     go/2porch

info     go/1800?2008 - 2008 1800 Society Donor Roll link

info     go/2thecloud - Instructions for moving data from Middfiles to cloud file storage.

info     go/1800_NYC - Link to 1800 Society Holiday Party in NYC 2016

info     go/30in38 - The 30 in 38 Project

info     go/1800Boston

info     go/30in38project - The 30 in 38 Project

info     go/1800Give

info     go/311 - Blog about Japanese earthquake

info     go/1800NYC - Shortcut to Invitation to 1800 Society Reception Invitation in NYC in Dec. 2017 - to use in Hard Copy Invite

info     go/311stat

info     go/1800society - 1800 society page on GIVING website

info     go/3298

info     go/1800YearEnd

info     go/350rap

info     go/18rp

info     go/365 - A 365 day photography blog.

info     go/18Rpush

info     go/371

info     go/190

info     go/3d - 3D Computer Animation

info     go/1918 - I guess there never was a curse, they just stunk for 85 years.

info     go/3DWorkshop - Everything you have always wanted to know about Desktop 3D Printing (But Were Afraid to Ask) is an intensive J-Term crash course lasting from Wednesday, January 24th to Friday, January 26th.

info     go/191read - readings for gsfs 191 in spring 2016

info     go/3kurs

info     go/1956facebook - Facebook group for the class of 1956

info     go/3s

info     go/1960reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

info     go/3some - Ski Sugarbush's two areas Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, plus Mad River Glen, for only $359 this winter!

info     go/1961reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

alert     go/3st

info     go/1962activities - Reunion activity sign up sheet for 1962

info     go/4 - Chinese School Level IV web site

info     go/1962facebook - Facebook group for the class of 1962

info     go/401

info     go/1963

info     go/404 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/1963giftform - 1963 reunion gift form FY13

info     go/415 - Chinese School Level 4 course website for summer 2015 students.

info     go/1967scholarship - Link to general giving page for the 1967 Scholarship appeal

info     go/416 - Chinese School Level IV CHNS3401-3404, Summer 2016

info     go/1968

info     go/420

info     go/1969

info     go/43 - Midd in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa #43

info     go/1973 - 1973 Facebook Page

info     go/430combo

info     go/19761976

info     go/431

info     go/1988Facebook - Class of l988 Facebook Page

info     go/460

info     go/1990Spring

info     go/48s

info     go/1991scholarship

info     go/48south

info     go/1993Reunion - 15th Reunion Facebook event page

info     go/4it

info     go/19Fall

info     go/4ktest - Test video for 4K UHD displays.

info     go/19FO

info     go/4kuhdtest - Test video for 4K UHD displays.

info     go/1billionrising - One Billion Rising on February 13, 2013 -- Crossroads Cafe, 10 P.M. to Midnight

info     go/4ls - Chinese School Level 4 instructors site. Created and maintained by Jin Zhang (jzhan@middlebury.edu)

info     go/1BRising - One Billion Rising on February 13, 2013 -- Crossroads Cafe, 10 P.M. to Midnight

info     go/4nianji12

info     go/2.5

info     go/4nj - Chinese School Level 4 web site. CHNS 3401-3404

info     go/20

info     go/4o4 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/2007

info     go/4oh4 - Room 404, a publication

info     go/200days - 200 Days Party Event

info     go/4ward

info     go/2010Training - Learn about Microsoft Office 2010 - Training Videos

info     go/4x4 - A website dedicated to the Middlebury 4x4 Challenge

info     go/2011 - Career Services statistics for 2011

info     go/5 - Midd 5 is a news show from the Campus Newspaper.

info     go/2011-UWC-dinner

info     go/5000 - Competition shortcut to the Rohatyn Center's Annual Student-Run Global Affairs Conference.

info     go/2011athleticsThankYou - Athletics thank you video

info     go/500dollars

info     go/2011sss - link to database-linked application form for 2011 Student Spring Symposium

info     go/50regpdf - Printable Reunion registration form 50th

info     go/2012 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2012

info     go/50reunion

info     go/2012bacc

info     go/50reunionreg - 50th Reunion 2013 (Class of 1963) Online Registration

info     go/2012Blavatnik1

info     go/50th

info     go/2012Blavatnik2

info     go/50thbio - 50th reunion autobiography form

info     go/2012classinfo

info     go/50thgiving

info     go/2013 - Career Services statistics for fall 2013

info     go/50thLetter

info     go/2013Blechacz

info     go/50threunion

info     go/2013Laube

info     go/51dinner - 51 Main's Dinner Menu

info     go/2013Shao

info     go/51lunch - 51 Main's Lunch Menu

info     go/2013thankyou - Thank you page for FY2013 donors, including video postcard

info     go/51main

info     go/2013WBF

info     go/51VDay - 51 Main's Valentine's Day Menu

info     go/2014 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2014


info     go/2015 - Career Services statistics for Fall 2015

info     go/520720

info     go/2015honorroll

info     go/5k

info     go/2015math200

info     go/5ksunrun - 2011 Solar Decathlon 5K Sun Run Registration.

info     go/2015slate - 2015 MCAA slate

info     go/6-11 - Los Campeones del Mundo

info     go/2016

info     go/60s

info     go/2016ClassAgent

info     go/63bio - 1963 autobiography form

info     go/2016honorroll

info     go/64bio - yearbook bio for '64

info     go/2016MiddGive

info     go/7

info     go/2016parentshonorroll

info     go/700

info     go/2017

info     go/7cups - A free, anonymous, secure online forum with trained listeners, online therapists, and counselors for any students of color struggling with emotional distress or wishing to serve as trained active listeners in the group.

info     go/2017ClassAgent

info     go/7cupsoftea - A free, anonymous, secure online forum with trained listeners, online therapists, and counselors for any students of color struggling with emotional distress or wishing to serve as trained active listeners in the group.

info     go/2017gift

info     go/7kurs

info     go/2017MiddGive

info     go/7sim

info     go/2018

info     go/8tracks - Handcrafted internet radio

info     go/2018canvas - 2018 J-term Canvas Course for Faculty

info     go/9 - procrastinate

info     go/2018F0

info     go/9.11

info     go/2018Fall

info     go/90s - MCAB Fall Frenzy 90's Dance

info     go/2018FO

info     go/90sinternship

info     go/2018honorroll

info     go/90smiddaction

info     go/2018MIIS

info     go/90years - Middlebury's 90th Annual Winter Carnival

info     go/2018MIISSP

info     go/91-1

info     go/2018RePu

info     go/91.1

info     go/2018RP

info     go/911 - Go link to emergency info for students

info     go/2018SPMIIS

info     go/911?facstaff - Memo to Faculty/Staff Regarding AlertFind Emergency Notifica

info     go/2019

info     go/95years - Chronological 95 year history of Middlebury College's Performing Arts Series. Over 1,000 performances!

info     go/202

info     go/99 - quick access to spanish dictionary

info     go/2020

info     go/999999 - Middlebury College Homepage

info     go/2021

info     go/99percent

info     go/2022

info     go/99spring

info     go/2023

info     go/9gag - Just for fun!